A Guide To Chimpanzee Habituation In Uganda : Chimpanzee habituation in Uganda is among the top activities that you can participate in for travellers interested in the primate safaris in Uganda that will lead you to a number of primate species including the chimpanzees which we are going to help you explore in this article to understand more about chimpanzee habituation in Uganda. if you’re a traveller interested in the activity, continue reading below to have an insight about the rewarding safari in the wild.

Where to participate in the activity

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda can only be carried out in Kibale National Park the primate hub of Uganda which will give you access to a number of different primate species in the wild like the different monkey species and the chimpanzees which are the dominant primate species in the wild for a rewarding safari experience.

While participating in chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, it is important to note that you will get to visit the chimpanzee troops that are getting trained to get accustomed to human presence which is one important aspect not to forget because the species are quite dangerous therefore follow the lead of the guide, ranger and the researchers/ trainers to ensure that you have a safe safari experience. chimpanzee habituation in Uganda will give you more time to spend with the species understanding a number of different features of the species as they get trained by the trainers also important to note that the activity will give you more time with the species as they carry out their different activities in the wild.

Chimpanzee habituation permit

A chimpanzee habituation permit in Uganda can be obtained at a price of 250UDF per person for the foreigners, 200USD per person for foreign residents and 200,000ugx for East African Citizens. While you access the chimpanzee habituation permit in Rwanda, you will have access to a knowledgeable guide and a ranger and you will be exempted from paying the park entry fees. A chimpanzee habituation permit in Uganda can be obtained from a trusted tour operator who will then obtain the permit from the Uganda wildlife authority

Rules and regulations

  • Avoid littering in the park to avoid accidents like the species choking on litter
  • Avoid using sounds to attract the attention of the species because it can lead them to attack you.
  • You should follow the lead of the guide and the ranger to avoid being attacked by the species and also to avoid getting lost in the park
  • Avoid smoking in the wild to avoid starting wild fires
  • Avoid petting the species because they will attack you it should be noted that the chimpanzee is 7 times stronger than a human which can make their attacks quite dangerous
  • You should also avoid eating in the presence of the species which can attack you to catch a bite of whatever you’re eating
  • You should also avoid making unnecessary movement and noise in the presence of the chimpanzees.

    A Guide To Chimpanzee Habituation In Uganda
    Kibale National Park

Age limit for the activity

The age limit for chimpanzee habituation in Uganda is 15 years of age however there’s an exception for travellers that are turning the right age for tracking in the year of tracking the species despite the fact that they might not turn the age on the day of tracking. For them to be exempted they will have to write a letter to the Uganda wildlife authority stating this so that they can obtain the permit. Travellers below the years even though they might not be turning the age can be exempted to take part in the activity.

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