A traveler’s guide to Uganda : In this traveler’s guide to Uganda we shall give you an insight of the expectation on your Uganda safari to ensure that you have the most rewarding safari experience when you make your way to the pearl of Africa. In the article we have come up with the key factors you can consider while visiting Uganda to ensure that you make the most of your safari experience in the country.

International airport      

It should be noted that Uganda has one main international airport that travellers can access to visit the country however there are also other points of entry like the border points which can be accessed to visit the country. A number of requirements are needed at the different points of entry in order to have successful entry in the park and these include; the covid-19 certificates this is because covid-19 is still a threat to a number of travellers and Ugandans as well. You should also have yellow fever vaccination card among other documents therefore when you make your preparations to visit Uganda for a memorable safari experience in the country.


While you visit the country there’s a lot that you can feast on when you make your way to the country for an amazing safari experience. There’s a number of variety of dishes that you can choose from to surprise your taste buds. Some of the different dishes you can get to taste include the traditional dishes which are a travellers favorite however other dishes like the Asian cuisines, European cuisines can also be eaten at the different areas in the park therefore you should consider choosing the different restaurants that will ensure you have an amazing safari experience in the wild for an amazing Uganda safari experience.


In the country, you should also consider knowing the currency that the country uses as a mode of exchange to help you do a number of transactions in the country to make your Uganda safari experience quite easy. In the country travellers can use the united states dollar the Euro and the pound sterling and the local currency which is the Ugandan which is the widely used form of exchange but also important to note you can also use cashless methods like the mobile money transfers, you can also use your credit cards that will ensure you have an amazing exchange

A traveler’s guide to Uganda
A traveler’s guide to Uganda

Activities to take part in

You should also consider understanding the different activities that you would like to participate in order to make the best travel itinerary with the help of your tour guide/ operator. Making research on a number of activities like the price and where they can be carried out will help you to manage costs and stay within your budget. Among the different activities that you can participate in during your Uganda safari that you should participate in for a memorable safari experience include gorilla trekking in Uganda which will lead you to the habituated mountain gorillas in Africa, you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking which will give you access to the endangered chimpanzees, you will also have the chance to watch the big five animals and other carnivores and the herbivores in the wild as you participate in the game drives in Uganda which will lead you to a number of attractions in the wild and hence make your safari experience quite memorable. You should also consider finding out more about the activities in the wild to ensure you have an amazing safari experience.

The infrastructure

In Uganda, you should also be hiring the right safari vehicle for a memorable safari experience this is because a number of roads have potholes and others are not tarmacked which will make your safari experience. The best safari vehicles that can be used in the national parks in Uganda because of the poor roads that are nit conducive for normal cars during the safaris in Uganda.

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