A visit to the Akagera national park of Rwanda is a very rewarding and stress free experience and this is majorly backed by the accessibility, the safety, the abundance of plant and animal life as well as bird life. The Akagera national park not only offers guests a chance to spot the savannah animals but also enjoy the diverse land with the numerous historical points in the park and landmarks.

A visit to the Akagera national park is a compliment to any destination in Rwanda as it is a unique destination and the only one of its kind with the savannah land and savannah animals. There are about 200 different animal species found in this park and among these are the Big 5 animals all found in the Akagera national park. These 200 animal species also include the land animals and the aquatic animals topped with up to 450 birds recorded in this park as well.

The Akagera national park also gives visitors a chance to enjoy the savannah lands blend with the wetland areas, the woodland and the forested lands. The Akagera national park has one of the biggest wetlands in Africa and among these is the lake Ihema that is a must visit when in this park majorly to enjoy the large hippo concentration and the boat trip is a great birding point too.

Akagera national park welcomes visitors, both local people and the international visitors through out the year and both the dry and the wet season are a great choice to visit the park.    The Akagera national park has the same seasons that are experienced in Rwanda as a whole with the dry season months being June to September then later in December to February and the wet/ rainy months ranging between March to May and later October to mid-December.

It is true that the dry seasons are better for a visit however you will need to note that the dry seasons also have high demand so numbers of guests are usually high which implies you will have to book your services earlier and also there will be much divided attention from the service providers due to the big numbers. Dry seasons, the animals are easily tracked as they are usually around the water bodies looking for a drink.

During the rainy months in the Akagera national park, the demand may not be as high so if you prefer smaller groups of people or exclusive time, these may be the best months for you. Rain showers are expected anytime of the day in these months which may not be the best for a savannah experience but then again, these months have the best rates for hotels and discounts offered by tour operators so it is safe to say these are the months to try your luck and enjoy the Rwanda safari at the best prices.

A visit to the Akagera national park
Big five Animals

There are a number of activities that guests can engage in while in the Akagera national park and these are listed below so be sure to book the most depending on your interests, budget and time you have to spend.

  • Savannah Game drives

Akagera national park is the king of savannah game drives as guests are assured of seeing great numbers of the wildlife such as the Big 5, the lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos. Get to spot large numbers of zebras, giraffes, different antelope species like the topis, bushbucks, also spot the warthogs to mention but a few.

The game drive in the Akagera national park can be completed in 2 hours but you are free to have a full day game drive once you are inside the park.

  • Boat ride on Lake Ihema

The boat ride on the Lake Ihema is another must do when in the Akagera national park so as to spot the aquatic animals of this park. Get to spot great numbers of the hippos and also the crocodiles and some birds while on this 1-hour Boat cruise on the calm waters of the Lake Ihema. A scheduled boat trip on the Lake Ihema costs 35 USD per person for this great experience.

  • Bird watching

Akagera national park is a IBA which is an Important Bird Area and you can take a morning or evening to spot some of the 450 bird species recorded in this park. A few of these are the African Fish Eagle, bare faced go away bird, African jacana and with your knowledgeable guide, get to learn more about these birds especially the endemic bird species.

A visit to the Akagera national park
Birding in Akagera
  • Sport fishing

This is a not so popular activity but a great one for guests interested in catching your own fish. This activity is done on the Lake Shakani and this lake has a number of fish species like the Tilapia, catfish. Some competitive events are sometimes held on the lake Shakani on an annual basis.

There are many other activities that guests visiting the Akagera national park can engage in such as walking the fence, guided nature walks, cultural community experience, or do some commercial filming. Get in touch if you are interested in any of these activities and we shall be sure to advise best.

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