Akagera national park prices

Akagera national park prices differ for every guest visiting the park. The Akagera national park is Rwanda’s savannah national park with a wide range of wildlife to spot on every visit here. The Akagera national park is currently Rwanda’s largest national park as well sited on an area of 1,122 square kilometres. This savannah park is located in the north eastern part of Rwanda, an hour and 30 minute drive from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda and the base of the Kigali International airport where all international arrivals in the country land.

3 days Akagera National Park Safari

The Akagera national park is majorly comprised of diverse vegetation that is swampy, open savannah bush land, woodland with small lakes and rivers. The Akagera national park is one of the most biologically diverse places in Rwanda as it is a home to mega flora and fauna. It was first recognized and marked as a national park in 1934 by a Belgian colonialist and with this it puts Akagera national park among the oldest national parks in Africa.

The Akagera national park is under the management of the African Parks and this is a non-governmental authority which manages about 15 other national parks on the African continent. The Akagera national park is a home to the big 5 animals and these are the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and the African bush elephant.

These are not the only animals that you can spot in this park but also other game like topis, oribis, the cape Eland, zebras, giraffes, kobs, impalas, crocodiles that are a common sighting on the boat cruise one of the activities done in the park. With all these and more, Akagera national park stands out as an ideal wildlife paradise.

Akagera park entry fees

The Akagera park entry fees are differed basing on one’s status of residency that is if you are an international guest, a resident or a national of Rwanda, age of the visitor, the type of vehicle to be used upon entry into the park and how many days or nights one will be spending in the park and which activity.


This is the general fee charged for every visitor to access the park and guests who are looking at enjoying a game drive Akagera park on their own without a ranger guide. As of 2021, the Akagera national park released new rates for their visitors to encourage more days spent in this park.

Rwandans/East Africans

For citizens above 12 years; Rwandans and East African citizens will be expected to pay 16 USD per day which is approximately 15,000 Rwandan francs. If they will be spending more than one night, guests will pay 24 USD for the 2 nights saving 8 dollars and for three nights, they will pay 32 USD saving 16 USD.

For residents above 12 years; Rwandan foreign residents and East African residents with identification such as a working Identity card or a passport have a special offer where they will only pay 50 USD per person for one night.

For two nights, the foreign residents will pay 75 USD and for a total of 3 nights, the foreign residents with identification will only pay 100 USD which was previously the cost for two nights. Explore more that the park has to offer on your Rwanda safari.

Akagera national park prices
Akagera national park prices

For citizens aged 6 to 12 years; The Rwandan citizens aged between the years of 6 to 12 years will be expected to pay 11 USD for one night, 16 USD for two nights and 21 USD for three nights.

For residents aged 6 to 12 years; The Rwandan foreign resident between the years of 6 to 12 will only pay 30 USD for one night spent in the park. If they are spending more than one night, they will pay 45 USD for two nights and 60 USD for three nights.

International visitors

For international visitors; The international visitors who are looking at accessing the Akagera national park will be expected to pay 100 USD for a one night stay in the park. If the guest has more days, they will pay 150 USD which is half extra of the one night stay and if it is 3 days or more, the guest will only pay 200 USD. These are per person fees.

For international visitors aged 6 to 12 years; The international guests aged between the years of 6 to 12 years will pay half of the adults fees and that is 50 USD for a one night stay, 75 USD for a two night stay and 100 USD for a 3 night stay.

The guests below the age of 5 years are exempted from paying any park entry fees and they get to access the park. The Akagera national park does not charge beyond 3 nights up to a week. If you are staying more than 3 nights but less than a week, then you will only pay the 3 night charge. With these fees, guests are free to do timeless game drives in the park spotting the animals of Akagera.


There are other fees that guests to the Akagera national park should expect and these include the vehicle fee charged per vehicle and type of vehicle, the guide fee for those guests looking at hiring a guide from the park itself. The Akagera national park also offers other activities besides the game drives that are charged separate from the entry fees.

Akagera park guide

For the guests interested in hiring a park trained and paid ranger guide, they will have to part with 25 USD for a half day game drive and 40 USD for a full day game drive with the ranger guide. This is the fee for a day game drive, for guests who prefer to have a ranger for the night game drive will pay 40 USD if they are adults or 25 USD if they are children.

Boat cruise fees; For a boat cruise on the Lake Ihema in the morning hours or during day, guests will pay 35 USD as adult and 25 USD for the children. This is an hour boat cruise and a minimum of 11 people.

The guests who opt to take on the sunset boat cruise will pay 45 USD if they are above 12 years and 30 USD for the children. There is an option for a non-scheduled boat cruise where you can hire the boat at 180 USD.

Other activities like camping will cost 25 USD for a camping space at one of the camping sites in the park, the behind-the-scenes experience where you get to interact with the park authorities. There is much more that Akagera national park has to offer, get in touch with us and let us plan the ideal visit to this part of Rwanda.

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