Are gorillas friendly? Gorillas are such rewarding primate species that have made a number of countries where gorilla trekking in Africa quite famous because of the high increase of the number of people that are interested in participating in the activity.  Because the gorillas are quite unique species it has attracted a number to take part in gorilla trekking interested in finding out a number of rewarding features of the gorillas like their diet, their strength, how they co-exist with one another, how they establish their territories among other interesting features of the gorilla species as you visit their different gorilla families like the lulengo gorilla family, kyaguriro gorilla family, hirwa gorilla family, mishaya gorilla family, agashya gorilla family

Are gorillas friendly?

Are gorilla friendly to humans

Gorillas are quite shy and calm species that you should visit during your Rwanda safaris, Uganda safaris and Congo safaris reason being they will offer the most amazing experience during your primate safaris. gorillas that have undergone the habituation process which involves a team of trainers training the gorillas to get accustomed to human presence and this can be seen when you participate in gorilla habituation in Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable national park which is not the case for gorillas that have not undergone the habituation process because they look at human presence as a threat to their survival. It should be noted that all the gorillas that are tracked are well accustomed to human presence making gorilla trekking in Africa quite safe.

During gorilla trekking you should not be surprised when infants cling onto your feet during your gorilla trekking experience because they are such friendly species however in such situations, you should remain calm and avoid the gorillas charging at you this is because gorillas are quite dangerous species that can be triggered about the smallest things like noise, unnecessary movements in the presence of gorillas to avoid being attacked by gorillas. To avoid any accidents in the park during gorilla trekking in Africa, you should consider being attentive during the briefing session in where you will be briefed about the rules and regulations to follow to have a safe activity, some of which may include avoid making noise in the presence of gorillas, you should avoid taking pictures using flash mode, avoiding making eye contact with the gorillas because it is interpreted by the gorillas as posing a fight to them.

Are gorillas friendly to other primates

Gorillas can co-exist with other primate species like the chimpanzees and golden monkeys and this can be seen during gorilla trekking in Virunga national park and gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park and gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park where you will get the chance to see the primates co-existing with each other. However, some of the reasons that can lead them to be aggressive towards one another is territorial encroachment and competition on food. Chimpanzees fight against all animals that encroach on their territories and this can lead to fight break outs be aggressive that they can even kill young gorillas/ infants and eat them in case they wander during food scarcity.

Are gorillas friendly to each other

Just like the way family members fight when there are disagreements among them, gorillas also fight amongst themselves in situations where they disagree. Some of the main reasons why gorillas fight include; other gorilla males in the group mating with the adult females, the need for leadership can also lead to gorillas to fight each other. For any gorilla to become to dominant  silverback they should challenge the dominant silverback and if they win they become the ruler of the gorilla family and if they lose, they are chased away from it and this has led to a number of fight outbreaks between the gorillas because of the fact that the dominant male is respected and has all the mating rights with the females.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the gorillas in Africa, after obtaining your gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda, participate in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park where you will hike the Virunga mountains like mount bisoke, mount gahinga mount sabyinyo, mount karisimbi which will give you access to the gorilla families in Rwanda, in Uganda you can take part in gorilla trekking n Bwindi impenetrable national park where you will get to see the mountain gorilla numbers in Bwindi national park and also participate in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park and gorilla trekking in kahuzi Biega national park where you will get to see the eastern lowland gorillas  for a memorable experience.

Are gorillas friendly?
Are gorillas friendly?

After your gorilla trekking experience in Africa, you can also choose to take part in other activities like chimpanzee habituation in kibale national park, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest national park, chimpanzee trekking in Virunga national park, visiting the twin lakes in Rwanda, tracking the big five animals in Rwanda, participating in the boat cruise on lake Ihema, participating in the genocide tour to have a fun filled adventure with a variety of activities to take part in.

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