Best Time to Visit Uganda

Best Time to Visit Uganda: Uganda is a country found in east Africa, though it’s a small landlocked country its one of the most beautiful country’s in the whole world endowed with various wildlife species having about 8% of world mammal species, half of the worlds endangered mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda, over 1000 species of birds.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

Uganda also boasts with the world highest concentration of chimpanzees and primates, the worlds strongest water fall can be found in Uganda. Uganda is also gifted with the world’s largest tropical lake and the longest ancient Nile River.

Uganda is an ultimate safari destination on top of very hospitable people who will make you feel home away from home. The country experiences tropical climate with two main seasons the wet season and dry season.

Uganda is one of the thirteen countries crossed by the equator line in the world, this makes the countries climate moderate all year round and suitable for tourists activities however there are always months that more favorable than others this can be looked at below:

June to September

This is the longest dry season of the year in most parts of the country and it corresponds with summer holidays in the west making it tourism peak season. During this period the vegetation is thin making it easy to view wildlife and the season water sources in the parks dry out making animals to crowd in permanent water holes.

In the dry season the roads leading to national parks and within the parks are also very accessible and in good condition. While traveling or doing things like nature guided walks tourists will not be disrupted by rains.

October to mid December

This is the time of short rainy season, though the rains may fall the sunshine always comes out after a down pour, the roads are also accessible unlike during the peak season tourists can have all the time for wildlife viewing unlike the peak seasons when the parks are crowded.

Mid December to February

This is the best time for domestic tourists especially late December to new year, there are also international tourists the vegetation is lush green from the small November rains it’s a good time for filming and photography.

This is also the best time to see most animals birthing their young ones.

March to May

March to May is the time when there are heavy rains in the Uganda, the roads can sometimes becomes inaccessible and tourists will need four wheel drive vehicles to get to the parks, rain can disrupt tourists activities the mountain tops can be covered with snow denying scenic views.

The advantage of this season is that most tour operators give tourists discounts but some lodes eventually close down during this period. The walking trails for mountain gorillas are slippery making your experience very hard.

November to May

For bird enthusiasts November to May is the best time for bird watching when migratory birds from North African and Europe are in the country.

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