Buhoma Sector of Bwindi

Buhoma Sector of Bwindi : Buhoma region is located in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in the south western part of Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas left in the world. The Buhoma sector was first opened when the Mubare gorilla family was set for tourists to trek in 1993, the gorilla families found in Buhoma area of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park can be seen below:

Buhoma Sector of Bwindi

Mubare gorilla family

Thus group is also known as the M group, its habituation starts din 1991 and was opened up for tourists in 1993, the name Mubare is derived from the hills where the gorillas where first sighted by the trackers. The Mubare gorilla family was first led by Ruhondeza who died of old age in 2013.

Rushegura gorilla family

The Rushegura gorilla family was opened up for tourism in 2002, this group started up with 12 individuals when it broke off from the Habinyanja gorilla family to form its own group. The name is derived from a local word “ Ebishegura” referring to a plant a abundant in an area where the group calls home. This gorilla family us sometimes seen wandering in the farmlands and around Buhoma area

Habinyanja gorilla family

The Habiyanja gorilla family was habituated in 1997 and opened for tourism in 1999, later after habituation the group split to form the Rushegura gorilla family. The name is derived from a local word “Nyanja” to mean body of water because the group was first seen near a swamp in Bwindi. The family is always in commotion due to power struggles by the Silverbacks.

Nature guided walks can also be done around Bwindi there are several trails like the Munyanga river trail, waterfall trail, Rushura hill trail, Muzabajiro loop trail, river ivy trail and Gate to Gate trail. Where to hike and take a nature walk from will depend on tour choice but all the trails offer unique experiences.

When trekking gorillas in Buhoma, tourists can sleep in Buhoma community rest camp, Lake Kitandara lodge, gorilla conservation camp, silverback lodge, volcanoes safari Bwindi lodge, gorilla friends lodge, Bwindi view Banda’s, and Sanctuary gorilla forest camp among the rest. The Buhoma sector of Bwindi is easily accessible than other sectors of the park. The area can be reached within 8-9 hours drive from Kampala.

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