Chimpanzee Trekking And Gorilla Trekking In Uganda : For the best primate safaris in Uganda that you can participate in Gorilla trekking in Uganda and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda which will lead you to the habituated gorilla families and the chimpanzee troops as they carry out they daily activities in the wild. Gorilla trekking in Uganda will lead you to Bwindi impenetrable national park where you will access the species in the four sectors of the park that is Buhoma, Nkuringo, Rushaga and Ruhija and for chimpanzees trekking in Uganda you will visit a number of different destinations which will give you the chance to watch a number of primates as you participate in chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park, chimpanzee trekking in queen Elizabeth national park which will lead you to Kyambura gorge and chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest all of which will give you the most rewarding safari experience as you spend time with the species for the most rewarding primate safaris in Uganda

While participating in gorilla trekking in Uganda and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda there are a number of rules and regulations that you should follow to ensure you have the most rewarding safari experience in the parks as you hike through the vegetation covers where you will access the primate species.


  • It is highly prohibited for travellers to camp in prohibited areas except at designated sites this is done because of the need to maintain the echo system.
  • Do not bring dogs or other pets into the park during your Uganda Primate safari experience because it can cause he primates distress.
  • Do not litter to avoid accidents like choking on litter and also to contract diseases.
  • Do not bring firearms or ammunition into the park for the safety of the species and other travellers that you will be engaging with.
  • Park gates open between 7am to 7pm so failure to leave the gate you will have to pay a fine.


  • Ensure to carry with you payment receipts and permits to avoid any disturbances before you participate in the activity.
  • Do not visit the gorillas if you have a cold or other infectious illness to avoid spreading diseases to the species which can be a threat to the numbers of the primates.
  • Minimum age for tracking is 15 years this is because of the fact that children do not know how to react around wild animals which can be a problem during the experience in case the species charge at them.

    Chimpanzee Trekking And Gorilla Trekking In Uganda
    Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Human waste should be buried 30cm/12 inches deep to avoid the species from contacting it which can lead to the easy spread of diseases.
  • Maximum number of visitors is eight persons per gorilla group


  • Maintain a 7m (21ft) distance from the gorilla and the chimpanzees to avoid inconvenience their daily activities.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking in the presence of the primates is highly prohibited because it can cause diseases.
  • Visits are limited to one hour per gorilla family this is done because the species are vulnerable species that should be left in their natural state to avoid any accidents in the wild.
  • Do not use flash photography because it can easily trigger them as a threat which can lead the species to attack you.
  • Minimum Age for tracking the chimpanzees is 12 years and the gorillas is 15 years.
  • Keep as quiet as possible in the forest, in the presence of the species to avoid triggering them as a threat.
  • Do not eat near the Chimpanzees and the gorillas to avoid the primates attacking you to catch a bite of whatever you’re eating.
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