Congo Gorilla Families

Congo Gorilla Families: Congo is situated in the central part of Africa and one of the countries in the world where you can trek the endangered mountain gorillas living in the Virunga national park in Congo. The country has Aldo got the cheapest gorilla permits compared to Uganda and Rwanda.

Congo Gorilla Families

Gorilla permits in Congo cost $450 during the peak season while they offer low discounted rates during the low season where gorilla permits drop to $200. There are eight habituated gorilla families in Congo that can be looked at below:

Bageni gorilla group

Bageni group is the largest gorilla family group in Virunga national park though their higher chances of the group splitting because of struggle for poet by other two silverbacks, the dominant silver back of the group is called Bageni.

Kabirizi group

This group derives its name from the late ICCN director who died in a traffic accident in 1990s, the group is dominated by a giant humble silverback Kabirizi who’s being challenged by silver back called Masibo.

This gorilla family was at first called Ndugutse named after a dominant silver back at that time who in fortunatelydied after being caught in crossfire between rebel groups and the Congo army.

Nyakamwe group

The Nyakamwe gorilla family is dominated by a silverback called Nyakamwe and it’s also among the newly habituated gorilla groups in Virunga national park. This group comprises of 11 members and its mist likely to split because of power challenges.

Humba group

The Humbagroup is dominated by a silverback that separated from his father in 1908; Humba is also a brother to Senkwenkwe who was fired by in known gun men in 2007. Humba group is most preferred by tourists because they are calm and polite.

Munyaga group

The Munyaga group is one of the gorilla groups gifted with twins in Congo; the group consists of only seven members dominated by a silverback called Gasore.

Rugendo group

Rugendo group is dominated by a silverback Mukima, it was one of the earliest habituated groups in Virunga national park at that time it was led by Rugendo who was fought by his son Humba to create the Human group taking ten members.

Lulengo group

The Lulengo gorilla family is dominated by a silver back Lulengo, the group was formally called Musekura group but that name changed in honor and memory if Virunga national park technical director who was killed on land mine.

Mapuwa group

Mapuwa the dominant silverback of the group by then left his father’s group Rugendo with two adult females to start up his own family, the current dominating silverback of the group is called Mvuyekure.

While trekking gorillas in Congo tourists can sleep in hotels such as Mikeno lodge, Kivumba tented camp, Bukima tented camp and Nyirangongi volcanic shelters among the rest.

Tourists exploring Virunga national park for gorilla trekking can sleep in lodges like Mikeno lodge, Kibumba tented camp, Bukima tented camp, Nyirangongo volcanic summit shelters among others.

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