Covid-19 Safety Measures for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda : Covid-19 in the world sabotaged a number of activities in the world including gorilla trekking in Rwanda however with a number of safety measures that were introduced by the Rwanda development board and the ministry of health of Rwanda, a number of activities have been made possible for tourists to take part in them to ensure they have an amazing experience despite the fact that the world is undergoing a number of changes due to covid-19. Before you book for gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park there are a number of measures that can be carried out to ensure that you have a safe experience in Rwanda.


  • While participating in gorilla trekking in rwanda, you’re advised to put on your face mask all the time as you hike the Virunga mountains to access the habituated gorilla families in rwanda and when you access them this is done to avoid spreading the virus to the hikers and the primates in case the tourists contract the virus during their safari experience in the park.
  • You should maintain social distance away from the gorillas and the other hikers this will help to avoid the spread of the virus in case you get in contact with the gorillas and this will help to avoid the spread of the virus in case any tourist contracts the virus.
  • Before participating in the activity, once you access the park premises a temperature gun will be pointed at you to take you temperature reading, this is done to check for any temperature abnormalities that would come about when one contracts the virus, also at the entrance tourists are expected to fill in the names and phone numbers that will help to locate the tourists in case one of the hikers contracted the virus this will help the park to easily contact the trackers before they spread the virus to people.
Covid-19 Safety Measures for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
  • You should consider using hand sanitizer while taking part in gorilla trekking in rwanda, volcanoes national park because the hands come in contact with a number of contaminated surfaces which makes it easy for the virus to be spread and as you make your way to the park at the entrance you are required to sanitise your hands to avoid the spread of the virus.
  • For tourists that have recovered from the virus, they should present their recovery documents fully vaccinated tourists are expected to present their covid-19 certificates which act as proof od vaccination and this will help you avoid quarantine and also taking another covid-19 test which will lead you to have an uncomfortable gorilla trekking experience therefore to avoid that you should present your covid-19 vaccination certificate


  • While taking part in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, you should follow the lead of the guide who knows all the safe trails in the park and also avoid you from getting off track which can be a dangerous situation because the park is a home to a number of vicious wild animals like the buffalos, bush pigs and many more.
  • As you participate in the activity, you should ensure that the armed ranger is the last person behind trackers and this is because he will help to protect the group from being attacked by the vicious animas in case you get in contact with them however this is quite hard because the knowledgeable guide will take you along the safe trails in the park.
  • You should avoid eating in the presence of the gorillas because they might attack you to grab a bite on whatever you’re eating and because they are strong species their fight might be fatal and in situations where a hiker is sick, the primates can easily contract the viruses from their food.
  • Avoid making eye contact with the gorillas because it is a sign of a challenge for a fight and his is the last thing you would want to do because a gorilla is believed to be 10 times stronger than a human which can be fatal.


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