You can not talk about Mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda without mentioning Dian Fossey. She committed all her life to studying and protecting the Mountain gorillas. She wrote all her encounters during her time with these gorillas in a book entitled “Gorillas in The Mist” late a movie was shot about the same.

Despite that the habitat for these gorillas is just in Uganda, Rwanda And DRC, she decided to settle in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park Were she set up her research center.

She was born on 16th Jan 1932 and was found dead in her cabin on 27th December 1985. She stayed in Africa for 18 years. She had been away lecturing in the USA and on her return is when she met her death. The exact cause of death of Dian Fossey who was killed in 1985 remains unclear up to date though the crime scene was portrayed to look like its is the poachers that she was fighting that killed her. She was found with machete cuts on her head.

Her dedication is seen when she went back to pursue a course in animal behaviour since it was the only issue that was retarding her research. She got a boost when the National Geographic Society sent a photographer to work with her.

She made several discoveries much of which was less known about these gorillas. Like for example how the silver back will raid another group and kill the offspring of the female such that she can have his babies.

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