Endemic butterflies in Rwanda are important for conservation. Many of the butterflies are endangered and need our help to be saved. Rwanda is a beautiful country with many endemic butterflies. Unfortunately, many species are in danger of extinction because of human activity and habitat loss. Therefore, these butterflies need our help to survive.

Many threats to the butterflies have been identified: the destruction of natural habitats, deforestation, the use of pesticides, poaching and illegal collection for trade or pets, and the illegal transport of endangered species. In addition, increased human encroachment into natural areas and agricultural expansion are also threatening the survival of some of the butterfly species. The widespread presence of human settlements has also greatly contributed to the diminishing of butterfly populations in Rwanda and all over the world.


The Kigali National Park is home to several species of butterflies, including the African Queen Alexandra Birdwing and the False Indigo Blue. Both of these species are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species. Other common butterflies in the park include the Onymphidia Idaeides or the Lesser Swallowtail. These species are popular with tourists and locals alike because they are easy to find and easy to observe.

Endemic Butterflies in Rwanda
Endemic Butterflies in Rwanda

The Kacyiru forest is known as the “green lung” of Kigali. There are several varieties of butterflies in the forest, including the Pygmy Moth and the Yellow Bar, a threatened species that is indigenous to Rwanda. The African Queen Alexandra Birdwing is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world and it is also found here!

Other places where you can find butterflies in Rwanda include the National Botanical Gardens in Kigali and the Volcanoes National Park near Musanze in central Rwanda. You can also visit community-based projects and reserve areas where there are opportunities for hiking and bird watching as well as butterfly spotting.


Environmental destruction is causing serious damage to habitat. This means some butterflies are threatened with extinction. To save them we need to protect them and their habitats by taking action now. Here are a few things you can do to help save these magnificent creatures.

Learn as much as you can about indigenous butterfly species and their habitats. This will help you to appreciate these beautiful creatures and appreciate the need to protect them. Be sure to ask tour guides about these beautiful creatures and pick as much knowledge as you can possibly contain your next Rwanda safari tour. Take pictures of them and show to the world. A lot of butterfly species are not known by many people.

Join a local conservation group and support their work to save endangered butterflies and other wildlife. Spread awareness among locals and tourist to increase the chance of survival and conservation for these colorful insects.

Report any illegal wildlife trafficking or poaching to the police. Poachers not only endanger animals but they also put innocent people at risk. Corruption also fuels the illegal wildlife trade. If you know someone who is selling rare wildlife items online, report them to the authorities immediately.

In conclusion, butterflies are important in the eco-system and must be protected. With joined efforts and funding, these beauties can be protected in the safe havens of Rwanda forests and natural wildlife reserves.

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