Entrance Fees for Kidepo Valley National Park

Entrance Fees for Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo valley national park has been ranked as one of the most spectacular national parks in Africa; Kidepo valley provides visitors with a tranquil  environments for experiencing the real African wilderness. The park is situated in the north eastern park of the country in Karamoja region.

Entrance Fees for Kidepo Valley National Park

Though Kidepo valley is among the list visited national park because of its location in a remote area, those who make it to the far northeast never regret, the park is  Uganda’s third largest national park and boast with very exceptional wildlife like cheetahs, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and so much more.

Kidepo valley national park is also renowned for its unique birds and while at Kidepo you will encounter the in touched African culture of the Karamojong people.

Entry fee for Kidepo valley national park:

Park entry fee


East African residents.                                         20,000

Foreign residents.                                                30US$

Foreign non residents.                                         40US$


East African residents.                                         5,000

Foreign residents.                                                 10US$

Non foreign residents.                                         US$20

Ugandan pupils/students (groups)                   3,000

Uganda wildlife clubs.                                         2000

Uganda tertiary institutions/ universities.      5,000

Annual park entry pass.

This pass doesn’t include packages, this is also valid for only residents and foreign residents.


Residents.                                                               150,000

Foreign residents.                                                 300US$


Residents.                                                               200,000

Foreign residents.                                                 500US$

Family (Max of 4)

Residents.                                                              300,000

Foreign residents.                                                 700US$

Tour operator.

Resident.                                                                 125,000

Foreign resident.                                                   50US$

Tour company driver.                                          Free

Taxi driver.                                                             100,000

Annual corporate pass.  

Foreign residents1,500US$

Residents.                                                               2,500,000

Safari guide                                                           100,000

Vehicle, aircraft and boat landing and entry fee

The entry fee charged for vehicles excludes park entrance fee.

Motor cycles.                          

Ugandan.                                      10,0000

East African.                                 US$5

Foreign.                                         US$30


Ugandan.                                       20,000

East African.                                  US$10

Foreign.                                          USD40

Minibuses/ Omnibuses

Ugandan.                                         30,000

East African.                                    US$15

Foreign.                                            US$50

Pick ups and 4WD vehicles

Ugandan.                                         30,000

East African.                                    US$15

Foreign.                                           US$50

Tour company vehicles

Ugandan.                                       30,000

East African                                   US$15

Foreign.                                         US$120

Buses and Lories

Ugandan.                                     150,000

East African.                                US$75

Foreign                                         US$150


Ugandan.                                      50,000

East African.                                 US$25

Delivery vehicles per entry

Ugandan.                                     20,000

East African.                                US$10

Boats up to 15 seater

Ugandan.                                     50,000

East African.                                US$25

Foreign.                                      US$50

Launches over 15 seater

Ugandan                                    150,000

East African.                              US$75

Foreign.                                      US$100

Aircrafts landing fee

The aircraft landing fee is excluded from entry fee paid by passengers, pilots staying for less than two hours will not pay entry fee.

Gliders, micro lights.  

Ugandan.                                   20,000

East African.                             US$10

Foreign.                                     US$10

Up to 3 seater

Ugandan.                                   40,000

East African                              US$ 20

Foreign.                                     US$20

4-6 seater

Ugandan.                                  60,000

East African                              US$30

Foreign.                                    US$30

7-14 seater

Ugandan                                   80,000

East African.                             US$40

Foreign.                                    US$40

14-21 seater.

Ugandan.                                   100,000

East African.                              US$50

Foreign.                                      US$50

21 seated and above

Ugandan                                    120,0000

Eats African.                              US$60

Foreign.                                      US$60


Ugandan.                                   250,000

East African.                              US$125

Foreign.                                     US$100.

Parking fee per day is             5000

Bird watching

East Africans.                           10,000

Foreign residents.                   US$30

Foreign non residents.           US$30

Night game drives.

East Africans.                      100,000

Foreign residents.              US$100

Foreign non residents.      US$100

Day game drives

East Africans.                      30,000

Foreign residents.              US$30

Foreign non residents.      US$30

Airport pickup fee

Airstrip                                50,000

Karenga.                              100,000

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