Frequently Asked Questions About Rwanda : Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Rwanda that a traveller can find helpful as you plan your next safari to Uganda to make your experience quite memorable.

Is it safe?

Among the main questions asked is whether Rwanda is a safe country for travellers and yes the country is safe to be visited at any given time of the year. A number of travellers that visit the country still associate it to the 1994 Rwanda genocide that claimed the lives of over 1,000,000 Rwanda which also led to the destruction of a number of property which was known all over the world which makes a number of travellers skeptical on visiting the country to participate in the different activities. It should be noted that the country is quite safe and although they had to go through the unfortunate time, the country has become one of the safest countries to visit on the continent for an amazing safari experience.

Is it expensive?

Another frequently asked questions in Rwanda is whether the country is expensive and yes the country is quite expensive compared to its neighboring countries. Comparing a number of tourism activities between Rwanda and its neighboring countries, you will get to realize the fact that the country is quite expensive for instance with gorilla trekking in Uganda and gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you will get to realize the fact that a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda can be obtained at a price of 700USD which is quite cheaper compared to a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda at a price of 1500USD and many other activities in the country.

What languages are spoken in Rwanda?

Frequently Asked Questions About Rwanda                                                                
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is culturally diverse country with a number of languages that can be heard around when you make your way to the country. French is the official language of Rwanda but also English is also spoke in some areas and the local language being Kinyarwanda. Interesting about the country other languages are being studied in the countries making the gap between the locals and foreigners. For travellers interested in learning the local language as well there are a number of colleges that you can enroll in and get to learn the rich language and help to easily communicate with the locals.

What is the best time to visit Rwanda?

The best time to visit the country is any time of the year because of the fact that the different seasons favor a number of different activities. For travellers interested in participating in wildlife safaris like gorilla trekking Rwanda, the best time would be during the dry season which will give you clear visibility and easy movement in the park to ensure you have a safe safari experience in the wild. It should also be noted that you can also visit the country during the rainy season where you will participate in activities like birding Safari in Rwanda which will give you clear views of the species in the wild. So regardless of the activities that you would like to participate in, you can visit the country at any given time of the year for a rewarding safari experience.

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