Full Day Game Drive In Akagera National Park : Akagera national park in Rwanda is among the most rewarding national parks in Rwanda where travellers will ace a variety of attractions to watch while on their wildlife safari. The park is famous for housing the big five animals but also the fact that it is home to over 350 bird species, over 60 mammal species a number of natural landforms like the different drainage features like the water bodies like lake Ihema, Lake Shakani, hills, rivers like the Akagera river which its name originates from. These have attracted a number of different types of travellers like the birders interested in the birding safaris in Rwanda, travellers interested in enjoying the boat safaris and many other types of travellers making it the most visited national park in Rwanda.

Although the park is the most visited national park, a number of travellers are concerned about the entry fees which can be a bit costly for travellers on a tight budget not forgetting the accommodation fees which can be costly too which is the reason why travellers are interested in making their way to the park and participate in the activity for a day and head back to Kigali city in order not to incur costs on accommodation and the activities.

Interesting about the game drive on the first day of your safari experience is the fact that you will not have to pay for it this is because it is complimentary to the park entry fees which will help you to minimize costs making it budget friendly for travellers that are interested in watching a number of wildlife species without having to spend extra amounts on the activities.

The safari experience for your 1 days Akagera national park safari will start as early as 7 am or even earlier depending on your pick up location in Kigali city or any other area in the country to access the park. on your way you will have the most rewarding safari experience as you observing the rolling hills of Rwanda, you will have perfect views that are worthy of photography to make your safari experience quite rewarding not forgetting the fact that Rwanda is arguably the cleanest country in Africa which makes the rides to the park quite fulfilling and therapeutic as well.

On reaching the park you will pay for the park entry fees and then make your way to participate in the full day game drive which will lead you to a number of trails in the park that will give you the chance to watch the different attractions in the park. you will watch the early risers in the park like the impalas, elands, gazelles, bush bucks you can also get to watch the carnivores as they catch their prey and many other attractions in the wild. Don’t forget to track the big five animals in Rwanda during the game drives in Akagera national park the big five that can be seen include the lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes and the leopards.

Rwanda Wildlife Safari Holiday
Rwanda Wildlife Safari Holiday

While participating in the activity, you should be mindful of the time you spend on the activity. You should ensure that you are able to finalize with your full day game drive and get to leave the park in time before it closes because failure to do so you will have entered another day in the park which means you will get to pay the park  entry fees for another day therefore be mindful of the time you spend in the park participating in the activity to avoid fines and penalties.

Although other activities are paid for your 1 day Akagera national park. you can also minimize costs as compared to the 2 days Akagera national park safari or other safaris in the park by pairing the game drive in Akagera national park with other activities like;

The boat cruise on lake ihema which can be carried out either in the morning or the afternoon and this will give you the rewarding experience watching the water birds like the endangered shoebill stork, you will also get to watch the king fishers catching their prey, you will watch the elephants quenching their thirst from the water sources. You can also pair the game drives in the Akagera national park with the walk the line safari which will help you understand more about the conservation efforts in the park, you will also have exceptional views of the hills in the park for a rewarding experience and other activities in Akagera national park.

The minimum number of activities that can be carried out in Akagera national park for one day are two activities. Therefore choose the perfect activities for your 1 day Akagera national park safari and let us make your wildest dreams come at an affordable price by booking with us.

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