Before you trek mountain gorillas, you need a gorilla permit. These permits cost $1500 each and are sold on first come first basis. Those who purchase ten at ago, get one free.

4 Days Gorillas

In the beginning gorilla permits were allocated according to mountain gorilla families but lately, in Rwanda, gorilla permits are sold according to the area of tracking. When booking a gorilla trekking permit, you are given an area of tracking but on the actual day of trekking, you are allocated a gorilla family to trek. This makes the whole allocation process random and you can never know where your fate lies.

Please note that some families are preferred to others. Susa A is apparently the best mountain gorilla family to track and of your fate falls here, you will see these primates in huge numbers. All the other groups offer equally good experiences. Below are some of the factors considered whilst allocating permits.


There are reasons why you should declare your age. Its is a key factor is allocating permits. Elderly people are given chance to track gorillas groups that have an easy hike. Its is important that you report to your tour operator any discomforts you may have before a permit is booked. You may be young but disabled or old but so willing to hike.

Physical Ability

The physically disabled can also track gorillas. Provisions have been made to make sure that gorilla tracking is made possible for everyone. There a sedan chairs that you can hire and there are people to carry you through the tracking process of course at an extra fee.

Number of Gorilla Trekking Times

You may be on safari in Rwanda but want to track the gorillas twice, therefore if you book two permits , different groups will be allocate to ensure that you change on the experience.

Despite all those factors the major key to distribution of permits is on a first come basis. If one books early even if you are disabled you will have missed out. Therefore you are advised to book your gorilla trekking permits as soon as you plan to travel.

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