Hiking and Nature Walks in Bwindi

Hiking and Nature Walks in Bwindi: Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one of the places in the world where tourists can trek for the endangered mountain gorillas, the park harbors half of the remaining mountain gorillas situated in the south western part of Uganda. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is divided into four sectors and this has different hiking and nature walk trails that can be looked at below:

Hiking and Nature Walks in Bwindi

Rushaga area

Kajembehajambe trail: This trail can be used by tourists in the Rushaga area of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, this comprises of two different trails the bird nature walk trails that takes 6 hours and the waterfall trail that takes about 4 hours. This all provide unique experiences the cascading waterfalls are beautiful and bird trail offered chances of seeing many birds.

Buhoma area

The Munyanga river trail: The Munyanga river trail is one of the easiest trails as you can be self guided, this starts from Buhoma road this trail passes through the forest age and the Bizenga creek to the Munyanga River to the parks headquarters. This can take about 30 minutes time only.

Muzabajiro loop trail: This can take about 3 hours this opens up to the slopes of the Rukubira hill the site of 1992 wildfire with views of the great western rift valley and the Virunga ranges after crossing the Muzabijiro creek. There are high chances of sporting chimpanzees and monkeys in this route.

Rushura hill trail: Rushura hill is the highest point in Buhoma region at an elevation of 1,615 meters, this is one of the most beautiful hiking sections in Buhoma as you ascend through the forest canopy to a viewing point where you can spot the magnificent lake Edward and mountains of the moon, you can also see the great rift valley and Congo rolling hills.

River Ivi trail: The river Ivi trail can approximately tale about 6 hours, this takes you through hills ascending and descending to the valleys with beautiful vies of the forest you will also see river Ivi and the local people on the way especially on market days.

Water fall trail: The water fall trail crosses ricer Munyanga three times, it follows the old 1970 incomplete road, the trail takes you through Bwindi forest before arriving to the panoramic three waterfalls. This is one of the best for bird enthusiasts and there are chances of seeing monkeys too. This trail takes about 3 hours.

Nkuringo area

Gate to Gate trail: Thus trail connects the two park gates taking about six hours to walk through, it covers a distance of 10 kilometers this trail offers different unique experiences of birds, monkeys, duikers, waterfall, ricer, dense woods, there are also seats at the river junction where you can sit and enjoy forest views and the Virunga conservation area. This can also be trekked from Buhoma though it will require physical fitness.

Ruhijja area

Bamboo trail: This can take up to 6 hours and can be circled to form a circuit of 12 kilometers; this route starts along Kabale-Ruhijja road through the stunning g bamboo zone to Rwamun nyonyi where you can have spectacular views of Lake Bunyonyi also known as the lake of little birds. This is also the highest peak of the park at an elevation of 2,607 meters above sea level.

Guest house nature trail: The guest house nature trail circles through a small hill and starts from the tropical forest conservation guest house, this can take about one hour only.

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