How Big, Tall, Heavy and Strong are Gorillas

How Big, Tall, Heavy and Strong are Gorillas :Mountain gorillas are an endangered species of great apes that can be found in the Virunga ranges of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda while the other half can be trekked from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda.

How Big, Tall, Heavy and Strong are Gorillas

There are only about 900 muountain gorillas left in the wild, this uncommon apes share about 98% DNA with humans making them mans closest relatives. Mountain gorillas live in higher elevations of 8000-13000 feet. Mountain gorillas’ diet ranges from plants, fruits, wild celery, bamboo shoot, thistles and nettles. Silverback gorillas are known by the silverback hair that grows on their backs at around the age of 11 years

How tall

Silverback gorillas are about 4-6 feet tall, the tallest silverback recorded 2was 1.95 cm tall with an arm span of 2.8 meters and a chest of 1.98 meters wide.

How heavy

Silverback gorillas can weigh from 135 kilograms to 220 kilograms. The heaviest silverback recorded was weighing 267 kilograms it was shot in Ambam in Cameroon.

How strong

The gorillas’ musculature and skeleton are more robust than that of humans, it can soak up much more punishment before being seriously injured, a gorilla can reach a speed of 23mph to 25mph. An average gorilla is approximately 6 to 15 times stronger than human.

How big

Silverback gorillas are the largest primates in the world, their hands are normally longer than the legs..

The best time for trekking the endangered mountain gorillas is during the dry season of June to September and December to February when the trekking trails are easily accessible and there are less chances of rainfall.

Mountain gorilla trekking costs USD 600 in Uganda, USD 400 in Congo and USD 1500 in Rwanda. A maximum of only eight people is allowed to trek a given group of mountain gorillas in a day and strictly one hours of observation is given from the time the apes are found.

Tourists planning to trek mountain gorillas should endeavor to carry rain coats, warm clothing, garden gloves, energy snacks, good hiking boots and many other important things you might like.

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