How difficult is gorilla trekking in Rwanda

How difficult is gorilla trekking in rwanda: One of the most frequently asked questions by most travelers doing gorilla trekking in Rwanda is, ‘How difficult is it to trek gorillas in Rwanda?’  Well! How hard or difficult trekking gorillas in Rwanda is depends entirely on a number of factors, which we shall discuss in this article.

Gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda are the top highlight of any Rwanda Safari, and though the activity is costly (gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500), visitors don’t mind paying an extra few bucks to have an experience of a lifetime.

The question of how difficult gorilla trekking in Rwanda is, usually is asked alongside other gorilla tour inquiries like; how long does it take to trek mountain gorillas, cost of gorilla trekking in Rwanda, how safe is it to trek gorillas in Rwanda, and how physically fit should one be to trek gorillas among others.

The difficulty in gorilla trekking in Rwanda entirely depends on a series of factors such as; the cost of gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda, the location of a gorilla group/family, what time of the year a visitor is doing gorilla trekking in Rwanda, age of the trekker, the traveler’s physical fitness, and how easily accessible is the national park where one is trekking the gorillas from. All these factors determine how difficult it will be for a traveler to trek gorillas in Rwanda.

Cost of Gorilla Trekking Permits in Rwanda.

Rwanda recently increased the price of its permits for gorilla trekking from USD 700 dollars per person to USD 1500. This hike in the cost of a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda has put a financial strain on the pockets of travelers especially budget gorilla trekking travelers. That being said, the high cost of a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda makes it quite difficult for some travelers to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Location of a Gorilla Group/Family.

The location of mountain gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, also plays a huge role in determining the ease of trekking gorillas in Rwanda. How near or far a gorilla group has moved since it was last trekked, will determine how hard it will be for visitors to trek that specific gorilla group. Some mountain gorilla groups in Rwanda such as the Susa A, Karisimbi, Amahoro and Ugenda gorilla families are always on the move and live in the high altitudes of the mountains, thus making it difficult for travelers to trek the gorillas in these groups. However, gorilla groups such as Agashya, Kwitonda, Hirwa and Sabyinyo have proved to be less challenging for most travelers. Trekking a gorilla group in Rwanda can take travelers between 2-5 hours of tracking depending on the location of the gorilla groups/family.

Time of the Year in which one is trekking gorillas in Rwanda.

How difficult it is for travelers to trek gorillas in Rwanda also depends on the time of the year that one has chosen to trek gorillas. Usually, most tourists are advised to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda between June to September and December to February. Normally, these are the months in which Volcanoes national park experiences its dry season. The hiking trails and walkways in the national park are dry thus making it easy for travelers to trek the gorillas. However, if a visitors decides to trek gorillas in Rwanda during the rainy season, you are bound to experience a lot of difficulty when trekking gorillas since the hiking trails are muddy, steep and slippery at this time of the year.

Age of a Trekker.

Since there is a lot of physical activity involved when trekking gorillas in Rwanda, not all travelers are allowed to do gorilla trekking. Only travelers who are aged 15 years above can trek gorillas, and travelers must also be in good health. Usually in Rwanda, elderly travelers find it difficult to trek gorilla groups that live in high altitudes and hence are given more gorilla groups which are easy to trek. So, the age of the trekker also determines how difficult it will be for the traveler to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Physical Fitness of the Traveler.

For a traveler to trek gorillas in Rwanda easily, one has to be in good shape or rather, physically fit. Trekkers are advised to exercise regularly prior to the day of their gorilla trekking safari in order to get your body used to vigorous activity. It is recommended that visitors take long walks and jog on a regular basis in order to keep in perfect shape before trekking gorillas in Rwanda. Travelers who are not in physically fit and are trekking gorillas for the first time, will find some difficulty when do gorilla trekking in Rwanda. However, Rwanda has introduced gorilla trekking for disabled travelers who are interested in trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. This involves porters carrying the visitor on a sedan chair, all the way to where a gorilla group has been located. However, this comes at an extra cost as the visitor will have to pay the porters carrying you; and although it is quite expensive, the experience one gets trekking these endangered species is totally worth it.

Accessibility of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

The difficulty of trekking gorillas in Rwanda depends on how accessible the national park is, and in this case it is Volcanoes National Park. The national park is the only place where travelers are able to trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Usually, poor road networks linking tourists to national parks can make it difficult for travelers to access the parks. Most of the roads in Rwanda are in perfect condition, but roads within the national parks, such as Volcanoes national park, are not tarmacked hence travelers may find it difficult to trek gorillas in the park.

Travelers planning to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda should make sure that you pack essentials like; a good pair of hiking boots, sunscreen cream and insect repellent, enough mineral water, long trousers and long sleeved shirts, a hat or cap and a camera.

 With all that has been said, enjoy your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda. Contact us at Explore Rwanda Tours for any inquiries you may have and also book with us your gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda.

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