How Much Is Chimpanzee Trekking In Rwanda? The chimpanzees in Rwanda are among the most notable primate safaris in Rwanda that travellers can get to watch for travellers interested in the primate safaris in Rwanda which lead them to a number of different endangered primates in the wild. The chimpanzees are the most notable among the different primate species that can be seen when you participate in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park.

Nyungwe national park is among the frequently visited national parks in Rwanda that is home to 13 primate species of which the chimpanzees are the most dominant species which gives travellers more chances to watch the species. There are two habituated chimpanzee troops in Nyungwe national park that can be seen in Cyamudongo forest and Nyungwe forest where you will get to access the habituated chimpanzee troops in the wild.

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park starts as early as 7am therefore for travellers interested in visiting the Nyungwe national park to participate in the activity you should ensure you wake up very early and be at the park’s reception by 7am where you will participate in the briefing session to know the rules and regulations to follow during your chimpanzee trekking experience in Rwanda. after the session you will then make your way to hike to the habituated chimpanzee troops in the wild.

As you hike through the dense forests, you will get the opportunity to watch a number of different attractions in the wild like the different primate species like; the vervet monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, silver monkey, dent’s monkey and also get the chance to watch a number of bird species like; Pockefellers’s sun bird, Chapin’s flycatcher, Rwenzori Batis, strange weaver, red throated alethe among other bird species.

When you get to the species, you will have the opportunity to spend time with the chimpanzee troops of serving a number of their different features of the species like the fact that all the males have mating rights with the females in the wild, you will also get to watch the adult females nursing the young ones as you also take pictures of the primates in the wild. Interesting about chimpanzee trekking is the fact that you will be accompanied by a guide who will give you all the relevant information about the species and the ranger to protect you against any vicious animal attacks during your safari experience in the wild.

How Much Is Chimpanzee Trekking In Rwanda?
Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe

For travellers interested in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda they can obtain a chimpanzee trekking permit in Rwanda from a trusted tour operator or the Rwanda development board so that you do not miss out on spending time with the species in the wild. The different types of travellers will have to pay the different fees below;

Category USD
Rwandan/EAC Citizen 5
Foreign Resident in Rwanda/EAC 20
International Visitor 40

Other activities that you can embark in during your safari experience in Nyungwe national park include hiking the different hiking trails in Nyungwe national park which will lead you to a number of attractions in the wild. Some of the different trails that you can embark on include the igishigishigi trail, karamba birding trail for travellers interested in birding in Rwanda.

Travellers can also participate in the canopy walk in Rwanda, Nyungwe national park which will lead you the metallic trail which will lead you to a number of attractions and also rewarding views as you walk along the walk way. Travellers can also participate ion primate trekking which will lead you to the different primate species in the wild and also get to participate in the Isumo waterfalls hike to watch and have an amazing time at the waterfalls in the wild and many other rewarding activities in Nyungwe national park.

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