How to prepare for a Uganda Safari : Are you interested in participating in the Uganda safari which will give you the opportunity to watch a number of rewarding attractions in the country by visiting a number of destinations where you will take part in a number of activities in the country like the primate safaris in Uganda, you can watch a number of primate species like the mountain gorillas, you can also watch a number chimpanzee in the wild you can participate in the wildlife safaris where you can participate in the game drives in queen Elizabeth national park, rhino tracking in ziwa rhino sanctuary, the game drives in Murchison falls national park  among other activities in the country . For these and more activities in the country here’s how you can prepare for a Uganda safari to ensure you have the most rewarding Uganda safaris.

Get a ground tour operator

For you to have a memorable safari experience in the country, you should hire a local tour operator also known as a travel consultant that will help you to plan for your safari in the country. It should be noted that first priority is given to the operators because they bring in many clients as compared to individual clients therefore connect to a local operator to have a memorable safari experience and avoid hustling to book for a number of activities in the country.

It should also be noted that while applying for a number of permits for a number of activities like gorilla trekking in Uganda, permits for chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park, chimpanzee trekking in Queen Elizabeth national park and many other activities. First priority is given to tour operators therefore in order for you not to miss out on obtaining them you should contact one. The importance of a tour operator is the fact that they can also help you make bookings for a number of facilities like accommodations and many others.

Hire a local vehicle

Get in touch with a local tour company or a number of vehicle hiring companies where you can hire a vehicle to help transfer you to a number of destinations. You should also consider hiring a local guide that can speak your language who will help you communicate easily with the locals in case of any interactions with the locals in the country which will help you have an amazing safari experience. It should also be noted that most of the guides in Uganda speak English which is the official language of Uganda however, you can also hire guides that speak other languages at an extra cost. It is important to hire a guide who will also give you all the relevant information about the different activities in the country to ensure you have a rewarding safari experience.

How to prepare for a Uganda Safari
Uganda Safaris

Know the prices and have some local currency

A number of transactions in Uganda are made with cash therefore it is important for you to carry some cash that will enable you to purchase a number of items and also make booking for the different activities or if you’re interested in buying a number of souvenirs when you visit the different craft shops to make your Uganda safari experience quite memorable. Tipping in Uganda is also done as a way to appreciate someone for their good service and it should be done on a personal basis.

Packing list for your Uganda safari

  • A camera should be packed because of the beauty that the country possesses to make beautiful moments in the country
  • You can carry some sun screen to avoid sun damage
  • You can also carry some light clothes because the country gets quite hot during the day and cold during the wet season.
  • You should also carry binoculars for birders because the country is home to over 400 bird species which will give you an amazing safari experience.
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