Is Uganda Safe?

Is Uganda Safe? : Uganda aid among the top tourist destinations in Africa, the country is situated in the eastern part of the continent. Here are a lot of tourism activities that tourists can enjoy while in Uganda, the country is politically stable at the moment and their no signs of war either making it one of the most safe safari destinations in Africa.

Is Uganda Safe?

The crime rate in the country isn’t very Hugh but that doesn’t mean you should leave your valuablesin the open because some street thieves target on people valuables especially in busy cities you should also beware of pick pockets so take good care of your wallet.

Though Uganda is a safe country to stay in there are of course some precautions you must take in every safe country some of this can be seen can be seen below:

The people

Uganda has got one of the friendliest people in the world, it would be very good if you learnt how to speak son basic words in a community your staying in like thank you, welcome and good day. The people will always want to be part of you; you can also visit some of the disabled people and bless them with what they can never forget with the rest of their lives.

Accommodation in national parks

Some of the lodges in the national parks might not be fenced very well and animals are allowed to move freely within national all parks its always good not to move without the security guards consent in the park and far away from your accommodation at night. Always read the rules and regulations of lodges and take note.


The roads in the country are not very well maintained so most of the speeding vehicles can be exposed to accidents, it’s up to you a passenger to tell tour driver to stop over speeding and save your life.

Tour companies

Its always good to use a recognized tour company while exploring Uganda, they will make sure your sage and all your needs are provided front he time you get to  the airport to the time you go back to your own country, its safer to use a tour company than to travel on your own.


There are some treatments that one must take before entering Uganda like the yellow fever vaccination, this vaccination is to make sure that you avoid getting infected or infecting others, tourists must carry the yellow fever card as one of the requirements for traveling to Uganda.

Malaria is also one of the highly spread diseases in Uganda, its advisable to take some malaria preventive drugs before coming to the country this will avoid infection during your trip to Uganda. It’s also good to not take any risks of sexual acts though the HIV/AIDS rate is not very high in the country.

There are a million people you should visit Uganda apart from the country being one of he most friendliest its also the pearl of Africa and everything you need to find on a safari to Africa can be found in Uganda please visit he country and have a second home away from home.

It’s every travelers responsibility to be keen while travelling in a NY area because no country is one hundred percent safe and perfect.

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