Lake Bunyonyi is one of the best destinations in Uganda to have a safari at for it is known to be Uganda’s best birding destination of all the areas in Uganda with so much to see and learn about when at the site

Lake Bunyonyi is located in southwestern Uganda, close to Kabale city, near the border with Rwanda with winding shores of 25 km long and 7 km wide giving one enough room to explore and venture.

Lake Bunyonyi makes quit a great destination for adventure most especially to those who love birding and having breath taking walks along water bodies, Lake Bunyonyi has about 29 islands which are thrilling to visit per walk.

Numerous guest-houses, campsites and eco-lodges have cropped up along the lake shores the number of accommodation facilities, attractions around the lake have are surely enough to see to it that you get the best venturing experiences minus any kinds of worries.

We give you the best chances to experience these kinds of ventures as you get to enjoy yourself along lake bunyonyi and in this article you have  the chance see some of the islands that are around lake bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi gets its name from the locals with the word Bunyonyi means “a place with little bird” in reference to the fact that the lake and its islands are home to an amazing collection of bird species that’s why it’s considered as the best birding destination in Uganda.

Marveling at the beautiful scenery on arrival at Lake Bunyonyi there are a lot of stimulating safari activities to do in Lake Bunyonyi and these include seeing the beautiful islands such as:

Bushara: this is known to be the most peaceful island among all the islands on Lake Bunyonyi and gives extreme moments of marvels as you get to explore the islands you get to enjoy the birds as they sing sweet melodies.

Njuyeera: little or less is known about this part of the island but its known as the area where the late Mrs Sharp spent many years planting and nourishing trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables from hence making the island to look attractive and stunning than any other part of lake bunyonyi.

Bwama: Bwama Island was the head center for treating leprosy patients by providing housing and medical facilities from and hence this made this island so famous all around.

Akampene: Akampene is known as the Punishment Island among the Bakiga in the area, any girl who got pregnant before marriage was taken and abandoned due to the fact that it was a taboo to get pregnant before marriage and hence the name punishment island.

These are the top three most famous islands on Lake Bunyonyi as you get to have a great safari adventure at the lake have the chance to explore the beauty of these islands.

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

Get the chance as well to engage into different kinds of safari activities that will take place on the islands and on the lake as well achieve your travel goals of adventures in Uganda.

Some of the activities that you can carry out while on lake bunyonyi include the famous and most loved activity which is birding for the lake is recorded to have over 200 bird species with involvement of: the grey crowned crane, the white tailed blue monarda, herons, the African Harrier Hawk, egrets, slender-billed baglafecht, Levillant cuckoo, and the cardinal woodpecker therefore have a chance to experience birding as well.

Safari Activities to do 

After experiencing birding here are some other exclusive safari activities to do while you enjoy the beauty and these activities will surely give you goose bumps as you experience them.

Swimming: Is a clean lake with clear waters that are free from pollution due to the absence of fishing sites on the lake shores and hence this is the best area for one to have the best swimming experiences from with friends as you carry out water pools as well.

Nature Walks: majestic views of the lake and towering landscapes is what you should expect as you explore and have a nature walk around lake bunyonyi these will help to relieve you stress and so very many other kinds of traffics.

Visit the local market: get a tour at the local markets and get to buy some jewelry as well plus getting to know far better the people around the lake and also their social behaviors.

Mountain Biking: a mountain bike and ride to the spot the beautiful landscape turn out to be the best experiences ever as you get to sight the birds on scene and the lovely waters around this alone is enough for the day.

All these are the best kinds of safari activities that you can get involved at Lake Bunyonyi as you enjoy your Uganda safari activities together

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