Lions In Uganda : A number of travellers that visit the country interested in watching the mountain gorillas in Uganda which are the most notable primate species in the wild however making your way to the country, you will get to understand that there’s more to the country than just the mountain gorillas when you make your to the country, there are a number of different attractions that can be seen including the Albertine endemic species like the golden monkeys, a number of  big five animals in Uganda of which the lions are the most sought after wildlife species in Uganda and with over 400 lions in dispersed in the different national parks in the country.  In this article we are going to help you understand how you can explore the lions in Uganda as you participate in the different activities in the wild to watch the lions in the wild.

Lions In Uganda

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth

Travellers interested in watching the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the can participate in lion tracking in Uganda which will help you observe the species in their natural habitat. With lions tracking, you will get an up close look at the species compared to the game drives and with thinks you will get to track the movement of a given lion pride with the help of a tracker that will help you locate the species. With lion tracking you will get to watch the species as they carry out their daily activities in the wild among which include the fact that the females are the hunters and the males the protectors of the pride, you will also get to watch how they establish their territories by urinating a demarcation that will keep away other lions from different prides. You will be accompanied by a guide and a group of researchers who will give you information about the species in the wild as they carry out their research on the species for a memorable safari experience

Tree climbing lions

Still in Queen Elizabeth national park, you will make your way to the ishasha sector that can also be accessed from Bwindi impenetrable national park. Watching the tree climbing lions in Uganda will give you another insight about the species in the wild. The most impressive part about the species in the ishasha sector is the fact that the species climb the trees during the wet season trying to escape the flies like mosquitoes, tsetse flies whose bites are painful and during the dry season the lions climb the trees running away from the scotching sun as a way to take shade. It should also be noted that they climb trees to keep an eye on their prey. the game drive in the ishasha sector will also give you access to a number of other attractions like the bush bucks, gazelles, Uganda kobs and many other herbivores as they graze within the plains in the wild.

Lions In Uganda
Tree Climbing Lions

The game drives

Another way you can watch the lions in Uganda is by participating in the game drives in Uganda which will lead you to a number of attractions. Travellers can participate in the game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park, the game drive sin Murchison falls national park and the game drives in Kidepo national park which will all give you access to the species in the wild as they carry out their daily activities in the wild. Travellers can participate in the morning, afternoon game drive or the nocturnal game drives that will help you watch the carnivores as they catch the species in the wild for a memorable safari experience.

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