Mount Kigali Hike

Mount Kigali is not a mountain as much as the name suggests but is comprised more of hill and stones with human settlements which changed its wilderness state. There are a number of houses that you may meet on your walk uphill. Mount Kigali is a simple hike that will not require you to strain as much as the other mountain hikes. This is a one day hike or rather walk up hill with stunning views of the Kigali city at different points and you can complete this activity in a few hours depending on your physical capability. The Kigali city lies in between the Mount Kigali and the Mount Jali.

Mount Kigali Hike

Mount Kigali is located on the south western part of the Kigali city. The Kigali city is the capital city of Rwanda and is the city that hosts the Kigali international airport, the country’s only airport that lands international aircrafts. If you are looking for a simple and less strenuous activity, take on this Mount Kigali hike. The walk up hill Mount Kigali starts from the Nyamirambo part of the town and continues to stretch further north to the other neighborhoods of Kigali which makes many access points for this walk.

You may opt to start off this walk in Biryogo around the green mosque and the Nyamirambo women’s center and take an hour walking gradually up hill to the Kigali Stadium. This area is abit more active with a number of shops and local bars and restaurants along the whole path. Nyamirambo can be your ending point where you can sip on a cold local beverage or icecream from and icecream parlour. Nyamirambo has a number of points to explore that you can do at the end of this walk.

Mount Kigali is also believed to be a spiritual place where the local community people tend to go and ask for their spiritual needs. Besides the spiritual aspect, there are a number of things one can engage in on their visit to Mount Kigali for example one can opt to take on a horse riding activity at the Fazenda Sengha horse riding school. 

The Fazenda Sengha horse riding schools offers visitors a chance to hop onto one of the 9 horses of the school. You get to learn how to ride a horse if you have never experienced also get to feed and learn the basis of a horse all depending on the time you have at the school. Get a chance to enjoy the donkeys at the school as well. The donkeys at the school are kept to carry food and water for the horses. While still at the Fazenda Sengha horse riding school, you can set up a picnic or do some filming and photography given the great views of the area. Be sure to make a stop at this school for the thrilling establishment for the experience. 

You can take on the major activity that is hiking to the top of Mount Kigali. The top of Mount Kigali gives you the most rewarding views of the clean and developing Kigali city from the top. On the hike uphill, you will encounter a number of attractions, unique flora and small fauna however there is development uphill so expect to come across a number of establishments. 

If you do not want to walk uphill, you may opt to take on a biking up the mount. Mountain biking is an adventure sport for the energetic hikers and it is possible on this mount Kigali. The mount has a number of defined routes that facilitate the use of bikes up hill. This can double as a physical work out for the biker. 

Get to interact with the local community while on your walk up Mount Kigali as there is human settlement however much it is sparsely populated. You can share ideas, buy some local produce and crafts for souvenirs, enjoy a local beverage or just enjoy their company over some beer talks at a local bar. If you are more interested in the culture of the Rwandan people, you can select a number of communities in the area to engage while moving. 

Enjoy the sights and sounds as you go up Mount Kigali getting to enjoy the view of Kigali city at a wider spec the higher you go. You can also be able to spot the neighboring towns of Gisenyi, Gisozi, Nyabugogo and see the business as usual taking place with a cool fresh breeze coming from the trees on the mountain. 

You can also engage in a village walk in Nyamirambo village to get to a homestead to spend some time with the members of the home and learn how things are done in an African homestead and participate in making some local food dishes, local brew or handmade butter. You can also visit a charity organization if you are interested in helping the children in the orphanage or family homes.

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