Mount Kigali

Mount Kigali : The Mount Kigali is less of a mountain as the name suggests but more of a hill and piles of stones in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali city is the business hub of Rwanda is also the base of the Kigali international airport that welcomes most international travelers. The Mount Kigali is situated among human settlement which in the long run has modified the wild nature of the area to more homes and farms.

The Mount Kigali is neighbored by another Mountain Mount Jali and in b etween these two mountains lies Kigali city. You can book a hike up the Mountainfor a view of the Kigali city from the top. The hike up the Mount Kigali is one of the extra activities guests can take on while in Kigali. The hike up to Mount Kigali starts from the Nyamirambo town of Kigali city tour.

Mount Kigali
hiking mount kigali

You will hike a few hours through some of the few of the households in Kigali however there are many points from which you can access the Mount Kigali hike trail. You can choose to start this hike from Biryogo center that is near the Nyamirambo women’s center and the green mosque. You will hike 1 hour uphill and arrive at the Kigali stadium after an hour. The Mount Kigali hike can be blended into a Kigali city tour for the visitors interested in hiking.

The mount Kigali is located in Central province of Rwanda in the south western part. This is a quite different hike from the volcano hikes offered in the Volcanoes national park in a sense that there is much more activity that you will spot on the trail as compared to the deserted volcanos. You will pass by people going about their daily day, shops, restaurants and bars where the local people spend their time. If you are interested you may stop by for a taste of a local beverage served at the bar. There is an ice cream parlor that you may stop by to taste some locally processed ice cream of Rwanda and many other points of interest along the hike. This is an ideal opportunity to interact with the Rwandan people.

 Mount Kigali is also famous for the spiritual power affiliated with the mountain and it is often visited or hiked by the local people who are intending on benefitting. The Mount Kigali attracts the local people who would like to pay pilgrimage and ask for spiritual intervention in an aspect in their life. This is a short hike if you take it on as a single activity so you can opt to visit the Fazenda Sengha for horse riding.

This Fazenda Sengha horse riding school is located enroute the Mount Kigali and offers horse riding on any of the 9 horses at the center or even visit the donkeys at the school as well. Even the guests who have never ridden a horse can be guided on the basics for your horse ride. You can as well opt to just feed and brush a horse in the stable. This is one of the points where you can set up a picnic lunch or even do a little bit of filming and photography.

Mount Kigali
Fazenda Sengha horse riding

The Fazenda Sengha also has a few donkeys at the center that are not kept for riding but to carry food and water for the horses. Stop by this center if you have ample time for these activities and get to experience the thrill at the center.

At the summit of the mountain, you get to enjoy the breathtaking view of this busy city from the top and you can also set up your picnic lunch at this point if you did not pass by the Fazenda. Enjoy the vegetation transition as you ascend uphill from grassland to thicker vegetation at the top. If you are a biker, you can opt to do some biking up the hill and can double as a prep for the next hikes on your Rwanda safari or a physical work out. At the top, besides Kigali city, you will be able to see Gisenyi town, Gisozi town and the Nyabugogo town that your guide will help you identify as they are neighboring towns.

On your hike up the Mount Kigali, you can pass by a craft shop to purchase some pieces that you may take back home as souvenirs. Connect to enjoy the village walk in Nyamirambo village and get to engage with the women who will take you through their way of living and how to prepare a Rwandan dish. Get in touch with us and let us arrange for you a Mount Kigali hike on your Rwanda tour.

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