Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo is one of the volcanoes on the Virunga massif located in the Democratic republic of Congo in Africa a country as large as Western Europe. Nyiragongo is an active volcano that had erupted at least 35 times since 1882. The crater is about 2 kilometers wide.

Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo boasts with the world’s largest bubbling lava which is very accessible, the mountain hike starts at 1,984 meters above sea level and finishes at 3,470 meters the climb had got about 5 rest stops where you can rest for about 20 minutes.

There was an eruption in 2002 that led to the flow of lava to areas in Goma and in 1977 the lava lake burst molten rick drained in an hour flowing down to the villages at a speed of 60 mph due to the presence of alkali rich volcanic rock, melilite nephelinite creating high fluid consistency.

No one knows how long the Nyiragongo activity has been active but records were made since 1882 the maximum depth if the lake at 1977 was 10,700 ft. The mountain has got two distinctive lava benches within the crater walls with 3,175 Meyers and the other with 2,975 meters.

The lava lake of mount Nyiragongo is the most voluminous lava lake in history, the photos you might see if the crater may not bring out the whole encounter or experience if the lake until you visit it by yourself. Mount Nyiragongo overlaps with two other volcanoes Shaheru and Baratuand also surrounded by many small volcanic cinder cones resulting from flank eruptions.

The existence of a lava lake in Nyiragongo was suspected but was confirmed by scientists in 1948 it was measured 120,000 square meters subsequent expeditions that the lake fluctuated in depth, size and temperatures over time.

During the 2002 eruptions over 147 people died, 120,000 people were left homeless, building were destroyed and many were hurt. Even after the eruptions, earth quakes were felt around Goma and Gisenyi and thus continued for about three months causing mite destruction

Tourists visiting mount Nyiragongo can come along with a lot of warm clothing, hiking boots, rain coats and so much more things needed for hiking or alternatively they can hire hiking gears from Virunga national park.

The mount Nyiragongo volcanic hike costs $300 including accommodation on top of the mountain minus porter fee, transport to the park and meals. The Democratic republic of Congo visa costs $105

Tourists can buy food of their choice and hire a cook to cook for them on too of the volcano.

Tourists can get in to Virunga national lark through Kigali international airport in Rwanda and then travel to Congo though you can also directly fly into Goma in Congo its 15 kilometers from Goma town . A private car that can take you to the Gisenyi boarder of Congo and Rwanda costs $100 and $15 for a public means.

The maximum age for climbing mount Nyiragongo is 12 years old, tourists will be requires to arrive at Kitabistation by 9: 15 am on the day of your climb

The cabins at the summit are ten each containing two single beds the fee paid for the trekking permit includes payment for the cabins.

Tourists are always advised not to get too close to the age or they might just trio and fall, you might not be able to operate a drone camera in the volcano because of the ash in the air affecting how they fly.

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