Nyugwe top view hotel 

Nyungwe Top View Hotel is the number one stop for travelers visiting Nyungwe Forest National Park. The national park is part of Nyungwe Forest Reserve, which is among one of the oldest rainforest reserves in Africa. The park spreads across 970 square kilometers of land and mainly consists of rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps and bogs.

Nyungwe national park is home 13 primate species including a small population of chimpanzees. The park is also home to 75 species of mammals, 1,068 plant species, 140 orchids, 322 bird species and over 120 species of butterflies. The park has 15 hiking trails, some of which offer visitors unique attractions like the beautiful Isumo waterfalls.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel is strategically located in Buvungira, in Nyamasheke district in the western part of Rwanda. The hotel is the ideal place for visitors to stay at before or after trekking chimpanzees in Nyungwe national park.

The hotel is proudly owned by a Rwandese entrepreneur and conservationist; and has been in operation since 2011. The lodge is located about 23 kilometers from the national park, which is about a 33 minute drive.

In February 2011, the hotel opened its doors to the general public, offering visitors a chance to live in style during their visit to Nyungwe Forest national park. The hotel offers its guests stunning views of the forest area and on clear days, one can see beautiful and breathtaking sights like Lake Kivu and some mountains in the Virunga Volcano Massif.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel is established on top of one of the hills surrounding Nyungwe Forest Reserve, and thus offers guests the best views of the forest area. The hotel comprises 12 cottages divided into two rows, with one facing the sunrise and the other facing the sunset.

Each row consists of six red-brick cottages, with double or twin rooms, a lounge area at the front, terracotta-tiled floors, sofas, chairs, a coffee table and a cozy fireplace to keep warm during cold nights.

Each of the guest rooms in the hotel features amenities such as; air conditioner, housekeeping, a safe, walk-in shower, a clothes rack/wardrobe, alarm clock, an office desk, private balcony, bottled water, private bathroom and complimentary toiletries.

The lodge is made up of two unique compartments; the main entrance of the hotel is characterized by a large, circular building with a relatively high urban rooftop. It hosts the reception area of the hotel, which has well furnished, modern sofa sets and the walls are decorated with traditionally made Rwandan artifacts and paintings.

The second floor of the hotel has a dining area and a well-stocked bar, where guests can enjoy the delicious meals prepared by the talented chefs at the hotel’s restaurant. Visitors can also relax and unwind at the bar after a long day of tracking chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park.

The basement area of the hotel hosts administration offices, the kitchen, store and the laundry room. Guests who wish to have their laundry cleaned by the hotel’s staff, have to pay an additional fee.

Visitors staying at Nyungwe Top View Hotel will be fascinated by amazing attractions such as; habituated chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, and mangabey which can be sighted in Nyungwe forest national park. Other attractions that visitors can look out for include; various bird species, Lake Kivu, and enormous tea plantations.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel offers its guests services such as; free parking, restaurant and bar, free Wi-Fi internet, a hot tub, baggage storage, a 24- hour front desk, picnic area, laundry service, free breakfast and a playground for kids.

Visitors staying at the hotel can enjoy a variety of activities like; chimpanzee trekking, birding, hiking, guided nature walks, primate tracking, picnics, cultural encounters and others.

How to access Nyungwe Top View Hotel.

Visitors can access Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel by road from Kigali City. The hotel is located about 214km from Kigali, which is about 4½ hours’ drive. The hotel is situated 2 kilometers off the main highway from Kigali to Bukavu. Travelers can also access the hotel from Lake Kivu which about 30 minutes away.

Visitors can also travel to the hotel from Kamembe Airport, visitors can book chartered flights from Kigali International Airport. Upon your arrival at Kamembe Airport, visitors can embark on a 45 minute drive to Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel is a great choice for tourist who wants budget or mid-range accommodation while on visit to Nyungwe Forest National Park. Visitors who want to book accommodation in this hotel should contact the reservations office at the hotel, or use a trusted tour operator like Explore Rwanda Tours.

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