Packing List for Chimpanzee Trekking in Rwanda : Are you interested in having an amazing chimpanzee trekking safari in Rwanda but you don’t know what to pack for the safari with my expertise of having spent time in Nyungwe national park visiting the different sites in the park and taking part in the different activities in Nyungwe national park? I’m here to help you draft the perfect list that will help you make your stay in the park participating in the activity quite memorable.

Before you embark on your journey to take park in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda you should put in mind the fact that Nyungwe national park is covered by forests and in order to access the habituated chimpanzee troops in the park that can either be found in Cyamudongo forest and Nyungwe forest where tourists are expected to hike through the forests and spend one hour with them observing their behaviour in the wild which makes it one of the rewarding primate safaris in Rwanda. The packing list for chimpanzee trekking in mainly dependant on the climate of the country and the weather in Nyungwe national park and the overall social and a number of factors that will make the activity quite comfortable and memorable for tourists that visit Rwanda.


For you to have the most rewarding chimpanzee trekking experience in Rwanda, you should pack the perfect clothes and these include a heavy jacket that will ensure that you are kept warm this is because the country is found along the high elevations making it quite cold during the night and really hot during the day therefore carry light and heavy clothes to make the activity quite comfortable. As you make your way to Nyungwe national park you should carry long sleeved trousers and shirts to avoid being scratched by the tree branches and nettles that will make you activity quite discomforting. You should also pack the perfect hiking boots to aid in easy mobility in the park.

Insect repellent should not be missed out on the packing list for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park because of the fact that the park is home to a number of disease spreading insects like tsetse flies, mosquitoes, black flies and many other insects that may cause irritation once they bite you which can be quite uncomfortable during your chimpanzee trekking experience in Rwanda

Packing List for Chimpanzee Trekking in Rwanda
Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe

Covid-19 prevention requirements

While participating in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda you should also carry a number of covid-19 prevention items like disposable masks that will help to spread the virus among the trackers and when you get in contact with the primates. You should also carry a pocket hand sanitiser which will help to disinfect the surfaces and your hands to help you avoid the spread of the virus. For tourists that were fully vaccinated against covid-19, they should carry their vaccination certificate to avoid the mandatory covid-19 test when they make their way to the country. It should be noted that the tourists will pay for their own covid-19 test on arrival therefore to avoid such expenses you should carry your vaccinations certificate.

A camera should also be carried while participating in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park which will give you the chance to take beautiful pictures of the chimpanzee as they carry out a number of activities in the wild, some of the most rewarding  features you will get to capture is the behaviour if the primates in the wild like how they co-exist with one another, you can watch the infants clinging onto the mother’s fur, you will also get to watch them harvesting fruit among other interesting features of the primates that will make the experience quite memorable.

With the packing list for chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, you will have an amazing experience in the park where you can also participate in a number of activities like; the canopy walk which will give you the chance to watch a number of attractions in the park from an aerial view and also get to see number of primates like; the black and white colobus monkey, the vervet monkey, the silver monkey, dent’s monkey among other interesting attractions in the park.

You can also get to participate in hiking the trails in Nyungwe national park like the igishigishigi trail that will lead you to the canopy walk, you can also hike the kamiranzovu trail which will lead you to the largest marsh in Rwanda the kamiranzovu swamp which killed a number of elephants in the park through drowning, you can also participate in Isumo waterfalls hike which will lead you to the Isumo waterfalls which will make the activity quite memorable among other activities when you make your way to Nyungwe forest one of the most rewarding national parks in Rwanda.

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