Paraa Sector of Murchison Falls

Paraa Sector of Murchison Falls: Murchison falls National Park is characterized by riverine forests, savannah grasslands and swamps. The Murchison fall conservation area covers about 5000 kilometers squared.

Paraa Sector of Murchison Falls

Paara is an area north of Murchison falls national park in the north western part of Uganda, the park is the country’s largest national park. The word paara is derived from a local word in Acholi language to mean “place of hippos”. Paara is not only renowned for hippopotamus but its also home to several bird species such as African fish eagle, African jacana, rare shoebill stork, African darter.

Buligi game tracks

The Buligi game tracks are found in the Paara region of Murchison falls national parks tourists can take game drives from here and view animals like hartebeests, giraffes, Oribis, Ugandan Kobs, elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, bush bucks, reedbucks, warthogs and duikers to mention a few.

There are many other activities that can be done at Murchison falls national park and this can be seen below:

Boat cruise

The boat cruise at Murchison falls national park offers a very thrilling experience at the world longest river, tourists can spot hippopotamus and crocodiles close to their boats and also view various water birds and the cruise ends at the might waterfall also the worlds strongest waterfalls where the stunning river Nile forces it self on a 7 meter wide gauge flowing down 45 meters down forming a placid stream to lake Albert.

Nature walks

Nature walks at Murchison falls national park can be done at Rabongo forest and Kaniyo pabidi forests, this offers great birding experience as well as sporting various primates. Tourists can also hike to the top of the falls which takes about 45 minutes depending on the fitness of the climbers.


Murchison falls national park offers unique birding experience with over 450 species of birds to be seen the best places for birding are along the Nile, at the Rabongo and Kaniyo pabidi forest some of the birds you can spot are Ituris batis, footed flycatchers, brown twin spot, green sun bird, rufous sided braid bill and many others.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking at Murchison falls national park can be done at the beautiful Budongo forest, this also offers opportunities of seeing primates like olive baboons, blue monkey and black and white colobus monkeys to mention a few. Paara is located 86 kilometers northwest of Masindi and 25 kilometers from Pakwach. The park can be accessed in 4-5 hours drive from Kampala.

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