Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari: There are a lot of people who know little or even nothing about Rwanda. It has a variety of natural wonders which are so exhilarating and adventurous. It’s referred to us the land of a thousand hills and its beauty is Incomparable. We look at some of the interesting sites you out not miss on your upcoming safaris in Rwanda.

12 Days Rwanda Safari

The Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

There can only be found here, Uganda and Congo. It would definitely be a great highlight to encounter these animals as they are endangered and there about just 900 of them left in the work and only found in Uganda Rwanda and Congo. However, this destination only favors clients who prefer luxury gorilla tours.

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

The Genocide memorials.

The major genocide memorial is found in Kigali and there are others spread all over the country. All there give you the picture of the evil that befell Rwanda in the year 1994. Most of the international networks portrayed this as a civil war and most even up to now do not refer to this as a genocide and say it I did not haven and this is one reason to show that the genocide happened and almost half a million people were killed in a space of just three months.

Akagera National Park.

Its gets its name from the Akagera river that flows on it eastern border. It’s the biggest park in Rwanda and it has over 20 mammal species. It has almost the largest number of hippos in Africa. It is also home to lake ihema were you can do a boat cruise and see also of water animals and birds. It’s a birding paradise for birders as you will see a lot of Guinea-Congo Biome endemics.

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

Nyungwe Forest National Park.

With over 75 mammal species, 120 butterflies, 275 birds and over 100 varieties orchids it’s a really remarkable diversity in there. It’s well-known for the primates like the golden monkeys. The highlight in this park is the canopy walk. It’s really refreshing.

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

Musanze Cave.

People in the area believe that the cave was constructed by a local king and that it has been used a refugee on several histories whereas during the 1994 Massacre it was used as a killing site and recently the place is still littered with human remains. Musanze the now Bat colony is located in Ruhengeri 2 Km from the Gisenyi road. It’s littered with a lot of lava pieces which makes the assumption that it could have been formed as a result of vulcanicity true.

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

Lake Kivu

It is found in the Albertine rift and apart of the Great Rift Valley, Kivu is a fresh water lake that marks the western border of Rwanda with DR Congo. This lake is a tourist’s centre with fresh waters safe to swim. It has nice beaches with splendid landscapes and the sunset is usually astounding. You can spend a weekend on one of the beaches.

There are a lot of things that may interest you to see in Rwanda and it depends on your particular interest because there a lot that may interest people and are not mentioned here.

Places Not To Miss Out On Your Rwanda Safari

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