Rules And Regulations For Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda : Are you a traveller interested in watching the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat? In order to have the most comfortable safari experience there are a number of rules and regulations that you should follow to make the most of your gorilla safaris in Rwanda. Some of the different rules and regulations you should follow include;

  • Avoid eating in the presence of the gorillas because they will definitely attack you grab a bite for whatever you’re eating.
  • Avoid making eye contact with the gorillas because in the “gorilla world” this is a challenge among each other to a fight and you wouldn’t want to be the one that challenges a gorilla to fight you.
  • Avoid taking pictures of the species using flash mode
  • Maintain a distance of 7 metres away from the gorillas to ensure that the species are able to continue with their daily activities and this in a way will avoid them from attacking you which can be fatal cause the species are quite strong.
  • Avoid petting the gorillas especially the little ones which can lead the adult species to attack you. Petting the little ones can be misinterpreted as you wanting to steal their babies which is a position you wouldn’t want to be in.
  • Unnecessary movements and noise should be avoided to avoid species from attacking you. The species are called gentle giants because they are vulnerable and love their peace and if they are disturbed they will attack you.
  • You only have one hour with the species so ensure that you spend time with the species in the designated time and failure to adhere to the time for instance if you exceed the time you will be fined.
  • Do not litter while you participate in the activity in the wild to avoid a number of accidents like choking and also spreading diseases to the species.
  • Dig animal wastes to avoid spread of diseases.
  • Using audio sounds to get the attention of gorillas is prohibited because it can cause distress among the species.

After understanding the rules and regulations to follow for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you will then obtain a gorilla trekking permit that can be got through a trusted tour operator who will get it for you on your behalf. A gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda can be obtained at a price of 1500USD and this will give you access to the family for an hour, a knowledgeable guide hat will take you to the gorilla families along the safe trails in the park so that the safari experience is quite informative and you will also be accompanied by a ranger who will ensure that you are safe from any animal attacks while participating in gorilla trekking.

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Volcanoes national park

After the rules and regulations which are given to travellers during your briefing session for gorilla trekking which takes about 15 minutes then after you will then embark on gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park which will lead you to the Virunga mountains in Rwanda; mount muhabura, mount sabyinyo, mount gahinga, mount bisoke and mount karisimbi which will lead you to the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda as you spend an hour with the species understanding their behavior in the wild. You will also get the chance to take pictures of the species too and also get the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible about the species from the knowledgeable guide who will be glad to answer all of them in a timely manner however don’t inconvenience other travellers while asking the different questions.

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