Gorilla tracking is exciting but it can also be dangerous and for anything that is good, there must be regulations otherwise if money wasn’t regulated then it would be of no value. We discuss the rules and regulations of gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

  • A minimum of just 8 visitors can be allowed to track a particular Group or family.
  • Ensure you have clean hands before you head out to track the gorillas.
  • Keep you voices as low as possible as you head to track the gorillas and even when you meet them.
  • You will be led by the guide or ranger guide through the trails of the park, please follow them and ensure you do not be apart from you group members.
  • As you approach the gorillas you will be informed b the guide such that you get ready for them.
  • When you meet the gorillas please keep a distance of about 7 meters. These gorillas can be charged if they feel provoked or challenged.
  • Do not eat or smoke during the company of the gorillas.
  • Flash photography is not allowed therefore remove the plash while taking photos.
  • The maximum time you can spend with the gorillas is one hour.
  • If you are ill, please do not track gorillas, talk to the authorities, they may get you another tracking time if you get better or refund your money.
  • Do not litter anything in the forest.
  • If you feel like using toilet, ask the Ranger guide to advise you accordingly.
  • It’s advisable that you put on hiking boots
  • Carry a rain coat as the weather may change since this is a tropical rain forest.
  • Carry your packed lunch and water as you may not be sure of how long the trek may be.
  • You will also be given more regulations during the briefing, please abide by them.
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