Rwanda Cultural Heritage Corridor

Rwanda Cultural Heritage Corridor:   Rwanda is one of the countries in the world where tourists can trek mountain gorillas, but many tourists forget to explore the unique culture of the Rwandese people. The Rwandan cultural heritage corridor can be found in the southern part of the country where you can find a lot about Rwanda’s cultural values and historical information. Some of the iconic places to visit in the Cultural heritage corridor are:

Rwanda Cultural Heritage Corridor

Ijuru rya Kamonyi

This place is translated in English as “Heavens of Kamonyi” this historical site is located in Kamonyi district of Rwanda, This place is a famous home to about 13 Rwandan kings the guides will take you through the history and impacts of each king giving you an insight to Rwandese traditions and beliefs. The place is found on top of the hill and gives clear views of most districts it also used to be a place where kings would strategize their armies.

Rwanda Cultural Heritage Corridor

Explore mount Huye

The top of the magnificent mount Huye was home to a woman who was known as Nyagacecuru, she managed to establish her own kingdom until she was defeated by King Ruganzu II and this was in the 16th century.

Visit Amasuka ya papa

The word “ Amasuka ya papa” is translated in the local word to mean “the holy hoes”. This place is located in Muhanga district of Rwanda. The name of the place was got when Pope John Paul visited in 1990 and declared a message “let the land be fertile and produce as much food as possible” .

Kamageris rock

The Kamageris rock is found in Ruhango district, a man called Kamageris was burnt on this rock after he requested the king to burn the rock until it was red hot and then criminals can be thrown in the hot blaze. The king believed that his chief officer was so cruel and ordered that Kamegeri gets burnt on the rock.


This place was named after the Queen mother of the two last Rwandan kings, she was called Kakanzi Lodeguonde famously known for her very kind heart and giving characters. Its said that she welcomed everyone to her palace and also allowed people to fetch water from the tap outside her palace.

Explore Nyanza town

Nyanza town in Rwanda has got fascinating history, this is where the Kings place museum is also found together with the National art gallery. At the Kings palace museum tourism can participate in the Rwandese culture by becoming King for a day with lots of exhibitions about the Kings palace you can learn about.

There are also other cultural places you can visit in Rwanda like the Iby Iwachu cultural village where you get soaked in the Rwandese culture with performances from local traditional dancers.

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