Is Rwanda Safe For Safari?

Is Rwanda Safe For Safari?: For every country or destination that one thinks of the very first question is the issue of safety, this is not just for Africa or Rwanda. Before booking your Rwanda travel packages, its normal to question the safety level of the country.

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Known for gorilla trekking safaris, Rwanda is one of the safest places in Africa as it has been stable for most of its time since independence. Rwanda has a good political climate second to none especially after the genocide of 1994. The trauma that befell the people of Rwanda during this time where over 500,000 people were killed in just three months is may be one factor why Rwanda is as stable as the citizen doesn’t want anything of that sort to happen again.

Like any other country one has to take precaution however safe the place may be, it is so here in Africa and in Rwanda in particular. Things like petty theft credit card fraud are also possible here just like your home county and therefore the fast that Rwanda is safe doesn’t mean that you take such for granted.

Keep watch of you property as even the while animals can also steal. Olive baboons on several occasions have opened cars and walked away with things.

Of course place like lodge and attractions have security and you will see a lot of armed men and women, these should not scare you, some have guns because they are in the wild and they need to scare animals away just in case they attack humans and on every forest trail you will go to, you will be given an armed ranger guide.

Rwanda is one of the most hospitable countries in Africa and therefore when you are friendly to the people they will return the same love. You shouldn’t expect any hostility unless you have provoked it.

Do not hesitate from going on safaris to Rwanda. The country is very safe to visit.

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