Self-drive safaris are becoming more popular and popular in east Africa as they are in other parts of Africa. Tourists are getting more into the habit of hiring a safari car to take them-selves to a safari without a guide driver; which is the whole essence of the self-drive safari, the tourists take themselves to the safari location and all the safari activities as they enjoy the safari.

And since these self-drive safaris are becoming common, in this article we are are listing down some tips for you to help you avoid road accidents on yourself drive safari. A disclaimer though is that sometimes road accidents are beyond your control; meaning these tips are not miracle workers.

So the tips are:-

  1. Have your driving credentials in order

Before you even think of a self-drive safari, you need to know how to drive and drive well – more like you should be experienced enough to drive. Then with that you will also need to have the right driving credentials in order to be allowed to drive.

  1. Know the traffic rules

Every country has different traffic rules; they are quite similar but you should endeavour to know the particular driving rules and traffic rules of the country you are going to be having your safari in. This will really help steady yourself while on the road, when you know what you are doing.

  1. Keep the speed limits

Different roads in the country have particular speed limits, please observe the speed limit, they help you drive at a safe speed for you and the other fellow road users. So speed limits are very important. Plus its helps to drive at a moderate speed all the time. High speeds are some of the causes of road accidents.

  1. Wear the safety belts

Even as you drive, please make sure you wear your safety belts and have all the other safety measures in order; for you and the passengers you are carrying. Especially the children have to be in their car seats and well strapped.

  1. Use a car in good shape

Most self-drive safari cars are rentals, they are not cars you have bought for yourself, or used by one person, so before you rent it, make sure its in good condition and able to take you to, on and from your safari.

  1. Use your vehicle appropriately

Depending on the Vehicle you hire, make sure have the right vehicle with the right specifications for what you need the vehicle for; after you do that use the vehicle appropriately. Carry the right number of passengers, the right cargo etc.

Self-drive safaris
Self-drive safaris
  1. Be an attentive driver

When driving, be attentive, pay attention to everything happening on the road, be engage in the driving. If you have passengers and having conservation, please control yourself not to be so deep in the conservation that you lose focus on the driving.

  1. Have a good and calm attitude when you’re on the road

Avoid driving with road rage, be calm, cool and have the right attitude on the road. It helps you drive with the right mind-set hence avoiding accidents.

  1. Don’t drink and drive

We can’t emphasise this more than it’s important, driving under the influence of alcohol can be terrible for you and your passengers. So don’t drink and drive.

  1. Don’t be on the phone while driving

Like drunk driving, speaking on the phone while you drive is a bad idea and can be distractive for you, leading to accidents.

  1. Drive during the day

If you can, please drive during the day. Its helps – the clear lighting and everything.

  1. Drive appropriately for the weather conditions

The different weather conditions require different driving disciplines, so make sure you are driving appropriately to the weather conditions.

  1. In the park; keep the speed limit, respect the animals habitat

Also are you drive in the park, mind the speed limit and respect the park rules to protect the animals.

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