The Sipi Falls in Uganda are some of the most iconic falls in the region only followed by the aruu falls and the sezibwa falls. But when you talk of falls in Uganda, Sipi falls are the it.

The falls are unique in that are made up of three waterfalls all in the village of Sipi, hence the name Sipi falls. Sipi village is in eastern Uganda in Kapchorwa district; about 4 to 5 hours from Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Because of their altitude the sipi falls are cool in fact cooler than most parts of Uganda. The sipi village and area tends to have very friendly weather throughout the year. However, is your visiting the place for a hike or exploration you may want to consider the dry months from June to August and December to March.

The falls overflow from the sipi river commonly known as “Sep” after a local plant in the area. The Sep plant is like the wild banana and people in the kapchwora region use it for medicinal purposes. It was used as treatment for measles fevers during the outbreak period.

This plant is spread all over in the sipi village, when you visit the falls, you won’t miss it. If you look carefully. We know that many people visit the falls just for the hiking experience; but the sipi falls offer more than that.

The falls lie in the high altitudes’ of 1775 meters subjecting the trekkers to about 7 to 10 kilometers of hiking the fairly difficult terrians. Though difficult is relative depending on your level of physical abilities.

The hike follows the sipi river so you won’t get loss for as long as you are following the river.

Be of good cheer you will also have unbelievable sights of farmlands, beautiful surroundings and local communities.

On your hike you encounter all the 3 waterfalls starting with the second-highest of the all standing at 85 meters then you will go to the smallest that stands at 65 meters; you conclude the hike with the tallest waterfall that stands at 100 meters.

At the bottom of these falls there a plunge good enough for you to get yourself wet.

The waterfalls have wandering ways to the trails of the famous volcanic Mountain. mountain Elgon.

The sipi falls areas which is the slopes of mountain Elgon have coffee farmers who have made a name in coffee growing. The communities are known for their huge production of organic arabica coffee. The dominant tribes being the Sabiny and Bagishu people.

The sipi falls also have rocks that you can climb if you are in the mood for adventure and adrenaline rush per say.

The rocks curve into caves that are also down and available to tour.

Other things known about the sipi falls are the are the birds, over 275 species of birds that you get to see, whether you want it or not. For bird lovers it’s a haven.

The sipi falls also have a fishing area, where you can catch some fish for fun and eating. The fish in the water bodies is not enough for commercial purposes.

Well, that’s about it for the sipi falls. If you want for information about the sipi falls you could ask you tour consultant and operator; you can also read more from this website to see things you can do at the sipi falls, best time to visit among other things.

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