The Batwa Trail / Experience in Uganda

The Batwa Trail / Experience in Uganda : One of the most fascinating things about Africa is the people; most of the African countries have very friendly and hospitable people especially to visitors. The diversity of African cultures makes its adventure highlights. The Batwa trail was launched on the 7th of June 2011 to preserve the Batwa culture and tradition that was fading. The Batwa people used to live on the mountain slopes of the Virunga massifs, they are said to have lived in this forested mountain slopes for over 500,000 years before the area was protected. The Batwa mainly lived through hunting and fruit gathering.

The Batwa Trail Experience in Uganda

The Batwa tribe people are also commonly known ad pygmies by most people, the Batwa people were evicted in order to conserve the endangered mountain gorillas and the only time they can now access their ancient forest is as tourists’ guides. Tourists visiting Uganda for a gorilla trekking experience should always include the Batwa trail to their itinerary for a thrilling cultural experience. The Batwa guides can point out medicinal plants that have been proved by pharmaceuticals to be healing certain ailments and they have used this for several years.

The Batwa Trail / Experience in Uganda

The Batwa people have very unique in spoilt typical African culture; they can show off their hunting techniques to tourists. One of the most interesting things is how they use different plants to make beautiful handcrafts for example the use of bamboo for making local cups. Tourists can also visit the former home of the Batwa king known as Nagarama cave, women perform local traditional music and dance you will Aldo learn a lot about the Batwa culture.

The Batwa trail experience begins with aBatwa guide typically dressed in traditional wear kneeling down to their god known as Biheeko believed to have powers over protection of life and death as they go for hunting, raiding, fruit gathering and so much more.

Batwa guides also show off their unique techniques of making fire using two dried sticks by rubbing on against the other. While visiting the Batwa people, tourists can get entertained with captivating traditional dances and perhaps acquire son handmade crafts to take back home for remembrance or to your loved ones. Tourists visiting the Batwa people should not miss the parks main tourists activity which is gorilla trekking, encounter the unique mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or mount Mgahinga national park at only $600 per person for one hour trekking gorillas.

Golden monkey trekking is also another activity that can be done by tourists at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Golden monkeys are a unique species of monkeys that can be trekked in mount Mgahinga Gorilla National Park at a lower cost than mountain gorillas. Bwindi and mount Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks can be visited all year round but the best time is from December to February and June to September when the trekking trails are easily accessible and not slippery. A part from mountain gorillas and golden monkeys’ tourists can also spot lots of primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, animals like forest hogs, bush pigs and so much more. The Batwa trail can be reached in 520 kilometers from Kampala.

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