The Top 11 Best Restaurants In Kigali, Rwanda : Many tourists still associate the capital city of Rwanda with the atrocities committed there during the 1994 genocide. Nevertheless, Kigali has experienced a comeback and is now one of the continent’s safest and most appealing capitals. Its diverse restaurant scene reflects the city’s incredible multiculturalism, which is also a result of its vibrant indigenous culture and an influx of foreign expats. There are options for every taste, from Italian trattorias to Asian grills to Ugandan street food stalls. A thriving café scene tempts you to sample some of the best locally grown coffee Africa has to offer in between meals. Here are our top 11 picks of the best Restaurants worth visiting in Kigali, Rwanda:

Repub Lounge

Some of the best dishes in the area are produced by Repub Lounge, a restaurant serving upscale Rwandan cuisine. Try their signature dish, the delicious Liboke chicken or fish, which is cooked in banana leaves. Brochettes (grilled meat or fish on a stick), misuzu (sweet plantains), and other types of grilled meat can all be found at Repub Lounge.


There aren’t many sushi restaurants in Kigali, but with Kiseki, the city thankfully doesn’t need any more. Located in Kigali’s Kimihurura district, Kiseki produces original rolls, slices perfectly thin nigiri, and even provides sushi burritos during the lunchtime rush.

Turambe Shoppe

The fresh salad and sandwich options at Turambe Shoppe are ideal for vegetarians or people who love healthy food. Choose between Turambe’s organic lettuce, the delectable Asian chopped salad, or roasted garlic hummus.

Noir Poivre

Poivre Noir raises the bar for fine dining in Kigali. Their eclectic fusion of French and Belgian cooking, influenced by ingredients from nearby Rwanda, is regarded as some of the best in the city. Don’t overlook their decadent desserts or careful wine selection. They’re known for their inventive burgers, steaks, and starters.

The Top 11 Best Restaurants In Kigali
Noir Poivre

The Top 11 Best Restaurants In Kigali : Zaaffran Indian Restaurant

Zaaffran is the best place to experience Kigali’s excellent Indian food scene. This delicious restaurant serves up some of the best curries, naan, mango lassi, paneer, and more in a dining space that is decorated in a traditional style. The service is typically very good and quick, and their spacious rooms are ideal for group dinners.

The Top 11 Best Restaurants In Kigali : Monmartse

Monmartse creates perfectly prepared bibimbap, soups, and banchan (small, typically vegetable-focused side dishes), making Korean cuisine the best in the city. Take advantage of their big portions, tables, and delectable Korean barbecue by going with a large group.

Filini Italian Restaurant and Bar

Visitors to Filini will find a tastefully decorated dining room and terrace inside the Radisson Blu hotel, close to the Kigali Convention Center. Despite its dated interior, the restaurant serves some of the best Italian food in the area. Try the gnocchi, pizzas, and crisp salads at Filini; everything is prepared with premium ingredients.

Baso Patissier

The eclairs at Baso Patissier are renowned All over Kigali, Rwanda. However, Baso also provides excellent and reasonably priced sandwiches, burgers, and omelette, in addition to some of Kigali’s best sweet treats. Their laid-back atmosphere and expansive city views make it an even better place to visit.


Great small bites, a lovely garden area, and thoughtful interior design are all features of this chic tapas restaurant. Try the house salad from their adorable and colorful garden and the eggplant fries drizzled with cane honey. Stay for their various events, Spanish classes, and themed foodie nights.


Brachetto is unquestionably one of Kigali’s finest dining establishments, known for their intimate candlelit Italian dinners and well-stocked wine cellar. Politicians, dignitaries, and famous people all eat at Brachetto, ordering the restaurant’s succulent duck, steaks, or homemade pasta dishes. One of the best-kept secrets in the city is Brachetto’s lunch buffet, which is only known to the informed. Brachetto’s overflowing lunch tables are a treat for vegetarians and meat eaters alike because they are stocked with an endless variety of inventive salads, quiches, cheeses, breads, and more.

Come Again

Come Again, a restaurant in Remera, is renowned for the best Akabenz in the area. One of Rwanda’s most well-known traditional dishes is roasted pig, or Akabenz. Come again consistently delivers on this dish, which is a favorite among locals and foreigners alike.

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