Touring Kimironko market in Kigali-Rwanda 2024;  this is the best way of exploring the most ever attractive, charming and Rwanda’s prime market, a Rwanda safari cannot be meaning minus visiting this incredible Kimironko market. Kimironko market is located in Kigali city and the market is the busiest market in the entire city. Kimironko market is known as the best place where the locals from everywhere in the city and other areas come to the market to purchase various products including clothing, vegetables, fruits, shoes, and many others according to the customer’s needs. On a tour in the Kimironko market there can be sighting of different vendors selling different produces from the neighboring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of the locals find it easy to come to the market and buy different produces to use in their homes from the market.

Kimironko market is the recognized warehouse complex with the four equal-sized entrances. These are the different entrances that the people use to enter the market while going to buy different items from the it. That is the market has got the official entrance market, that’s where you find the large and beautiful products and the all the plastic utensils in the different shapes and sizes can be bought, at the back to the Kimironko bus station. There is entrance on the right side of the market houses the beautiful kinteges fabric, as the entry on the left houses the butchers and also that where the fishermen are located that sell the fresh lake fish, sell meat. Towards the end of the market as you move further entrance takes you to the market seamstresses and that’s where you as well find the second-hand clothes and that’s where you can find all the varieties of clothes of your choice.

On a visit to the Kimironko market in Kigali city. The market becomes too busy during the afternoon. Especially during the days of Saturday and Mondays are the busiest days and as well as Sundays which is known as the sluggish due to many merchants having their off day. The market becomes busy due to the fact that there can be many sellers as they are selling various products. The market is such impressive where it has got the Kimironko bus park as this the major public transportation destinations in Kigali that makes it easy as the buses can present to take people for shopping in the market and from the market as well. The market is such a famous one and during your shopping to the market you can not be stranded as waiting for the means to take you home as there can be presence of ordinary taxis, motorcycle taxis for you hire and they take you back home very safely.

While you are entering the Kimironko market using the main gates opposite the bus park as you turn to the right, there are cute rows of the colorful kinteges cloth are hawked on stalls from the entire of Africa, like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Congo, Sierra Leone, Democratic of Congo as well as more countries are presented. More so, the tourists on a safari to Kigali city tour you can decide to get the Kimironko market and buy a souvenir of Kitenge to take home after the safari. To add on the there can be various tailors that are such experts that help you to make kinteges within a shortest of time and cost-friendly rates.

On a Rwanda City Tour to the Kimironko market this is the perfect place for the tourists where they can get themselves stop over to get themselves shoes, clothes as well as a true hardware store before the market opens into the thrilling fresh produce bazaar.

Touring Kimironko market in Kigali-Rwanda 2024
Kimironko Market

While in the black booths, there are endless stuffs of foods that are such fresh and amazing, here you can get yourself the vegetables like peppers, carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, then on the end side you find the extremely colorful fruits including the mangoes, little ripe bananas, passion fruits, avocados, melons, pumpkins and among others. Also the other spices like fresh ginger, garlic and others are sold towards the end of the market opposite the bus station. In the corner there is egg area, this is where you spot the various number of women as they are selling the eggs, where you can be having all the choices of the eggs that you want.

There is no way how you can leave the Kimironko market without buying the large and fresh fish from the market. That is the market has got the beef department together with fish where you find tilapia that can be fresh or dried, also there are butchers can be dressed smartly doctor’s gowns with a professional power that comforts your presence, towards that time it finds someone when he or she is tired because of over walking around the market you can walk through the tiny market corridors, crowded aisles as their restaurants where you can grab yourself sodas, samosas, chapatti and again where you can feel the presence of restarting to move around the market the next round.

On a safari to Rwanda, exploring Kimironko market is the best way how you get to watch the best things sold in the market in their corrective locations, though the market contains the endless sights, scents, noises that is overwhelming but this means a lot and rewarding on a Rwanda safari.

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