Tree climbing lions in Uganda.

Tree climbing lions in Uganda : Uganda is one of the African countries that you can visit for the tree climbing experience and these tree climbing lions can be visited in the Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda. The Queen Elizabeth national park has a Kasenyi sector and the Ishasha sector and these can only be seen in the Ishasha sector. Sighting a lion that has climbed a tree is a rare sighting just as it is evident even in the Ishasha sector.

Tree climbing lions experience is one you can live looking forward to and be sure to have binoculars, a great camera to keep the memories in photographs and videos. The lions can be seen climbing trees in the wee morning hours as the sun is rising. You will be able to differentiate a male lion to the female ones in Queen Elizabeth national park as the male lions have black manes as opposed to the female. These big cats feed from ground but climb up to lounge and digest their prey as they analyze the area for their next hunt.

The lions have several push factors for climbing up in the trees and a number include the heights give the lions a good spotting view of the animals on ground and they can easily and quickly jump on the prey without being noticed especially the antelopes and the smaller game. Another reason is to keep their body temperatures cool as the ground tends to be hot and it is cooler in the tree branches. Temperature on the ground can reach 28 degrees and this doesn’t favor the cats so they tend to climb to cool off.

Tree climbing lions also climb the trees to protect themselves from insect bites like the tsetse flies that are common in the wet season and also the trees give the lions a great resting arena to cool off from the hunt and the branches make good lounge beds.

Queen Elizabeth national park is not the only national park with lions in Uganda as you can also view the lions in the Kidepo Valley national park and the Murchison falls national park but Queen Elizabeth national park still stands out as the ideal destination because of these tree climbing lions. The Queen Elizabeth national park on top of being the only park in the country with tree climbing lions, this park has a variety of wildlife to spot in this big park. The smaller animals like the Uganda kobs, the elands, the bigger birds like the crested cranes are usually the most desired food for the lions.

Tree climbing lions in Uganda.
Tree climbing lions in Uganda

The existence of tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park is also favored by the presence of the acacia and the sycamore trees which make great resting place for the lions. The human encroachment in the park is a challenge that the lions are facing. The trees are being cut down to make space for settlement or investment for building structures in the area.

The lions of Queen Elizabeth national park have also been reported to have died from poisoning from the cactus and this incident was in 2018 where the cactus had insecticide poison from human activity. There have also been some cases of natural deaths of the lions and this has put their numbers low. The numbers have also been reduced after fights between the males where the dominant males fight to take over the territory and some lives are lost.

There are a number of accommodations that guests heading to the Ishasha sector can check themselves into. The area is abit underdeveloped however that are some good hotels both midrange and luxury.

There is a hotel called Enjojo lodge which is a midrange accommodation situated near the southern border with three grass thatched cottages that can host up to 16 guests. You may also check out the Ishasha Jungle lodge, a luxury property with very neat and top service rooms with great chefs that will prepare you a number of hot meals on your stay.

This lodge is frequently visited by monkeys and baboons that you can also enjoy for free while at the lodge. Check out the Ishasha tree climbing lions view lodge that has luxury rooms with unlimited internet and they offer other safaris of biking, guided village visits and some hikes.

There is also the Ishasha wilderness camp another luxury camp situated in the southern part of the park with the River Ntungwe. There are luxurious rooms with a great camp fire spot to keep warm on the cold nights also give you a chance to spot the elephants drinking from the river at the camp. There is also the Topi Lodge Ishasha a midrange accommodation in the heart of Ishasha sector just a few meters away from the southern gate and is a great stay option. The rooms are artistically decorated with art pieces with a cool and serene environment.

On a very lucky transfer from Queen Elizabeth national park to Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, you may spot a few lions in the trees. However, spending more hours in the sector will give you a better chance of viewing these tree climbing lions.

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