Twin Lakes in Rwanda- Burera and Ruhondo

Twin Lakes in Rwanda- Burera and Ruhondo  : Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo are twin lakes in Rwanda and these are two beautiful crater lakes that are bordering each other thus being called twin lakes. The Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo are located at the base of the Mount Muhabura giving off very beautiful scenery. The twin lakes are located just close to the Volcanoes national park that is famous for being the home of the endangered mountain gorillas.

The twin lakes are also bordered by the Mount Sabinyo, Mount Bisoke and Mount Gahinga that you can see from a distance. These are a few of the Virunga volcanic mountains and they give the place a beautiful backdrop with some forested land as well. The two lakes are only separated by a 1 kilometer wide strip of land but on other points, one lake pours into the other. These are small lakes and when put together, they sit on an area of about 2,800 hectares.

These lakes were formed from volcanic activity after a volcanic eruption happened in the northern part of Rwanda on Mount Muhabura. Mount Muhabura is currently a dormant volcano and so are the rest of the volcanoes surrounding these twin lakes. These lakes were born from the river Nyabarongo which is Rwanda’s largest river when the lava that flowed from the volcano blocked the pathway of the river’s water flow forming these lava dammed lakes, Burera and Ruhondo. The Nyabarongo river however further flows east way to join the Akanyaru river that forms the famous Akagera river in Akagera national park.

This is an ideal point that you may add on your Rwanda safari headed to the Volcanoes national park as it is relaxing and you can get great photo moments at this point. The waters of these twin lakes is deep blue in color and with the volcanic mountains, the forested land and the waterfall at a distance, this is the perfect natural and real life backdrop for your Rwanda safari photos.

Beside photo moments and relaxing at the twin lakes, there are other activities that you may engage in like bird watching. There are many birds that you can spot when at the viewing point so be sure to carry along a pair of binoculars to have clearer view on your birding attempt.

You may also get on a boat and take on a boat and cruise to several points on the twin lake to enjoy the breeze and different views of the landscape. You may also do some canoeing as there are locally dug canoes that you can hire and paddle your way to the different islands on the twin lakes.

Twin Lakes in Rwanda- Burera and Ruhondo
Twin Lakes in Rwanda- Burera and Ruhondo

The best hours of the day to visit the twin is either very early in the morning to catch the sunrise or later in the afternoon and spend the evening doing some water activities as you catch the sunset topping up the backdrop beauty. The twin lakes can be topped up after a mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking or the Iby’iwachu cultural village visit to relax and enjoy the scenery.

If you are interested in fishing, you can also get a permit and join the local people who live around the lakes and do some fishing and this is done in the handmade canoe boats which are made out of one single piece of wood and the local fish hooks and fishing nets.

There is less outstanding accommodation facilities around or near the twin lakes but there are a few choices you can pick from if you choose to spend a night in the area or you may return to Volcanoes national park to your hotel to spend the night.

A canoe on the Twin lakes Burera and Ruhondo can be offered as a full day excursion where you may spend 3 to 8 hours floating on the lake and this is a blend of relaxation and adventure. If you are interested in another place where you can do canoeing in Rwanda on a Rwanda safari, you may connect to River Mukungwa also in Musanze but much closer to the Volcanoes national park that offers the canoeing experience. You can get to spend some time with the local community people of the area.

Enjoy a guided walking tour or community tour while in Musanze. Get in touch with our knowledgeable safari experts and let us book you your visit to any of the destinations in Rwanda with great touch to your safari.

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