Uganda hot air balloon safari tours

Uganda hot air balloon safari tours : Hot air balloon safari tour in Uganda are currently being conducted in Murchison falls national park. Exploring Uganda in a hot air balloon is such an awesome activity and it is perfect for visitors on a honeymoon, adrenaline junkies and those seeking a one-time adventure.


Uganda Hot air balloon safari tours remain one of the unique and luxurious ways to experience and explore Uganda’s stunning wildlife and beautiful landscape. The spectacular views from above will leave any visitor feeling relaxed and blessed by the wondrous gifts of nature.

Hot air balloon safari tours in Uganda are conducted by the Dream Balloons Tours in partnership with Paraa Safari Lodge and Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda Communications Commission and the National Environmental Management Authority. The hot air balloons are flown by trained and experienced pilots who go through Uganda and Egyptian Aviation Authorities for aviation clearance to operate the hot air balloons. The pilots flying these hot air balloons must have passed the aviation course and graduated from an aviation school to be granted permission to fly any hot air balloon.

Tourists visiting Murchison falls national park can opt to explore the park in a hot air balloon at a fee of 925,000 UGx for East African citizens and this package excludes the Bush breakfast meal plan. Alternatively, you can pay $380 per person and get to tour the national park in a hot air balloon inclusive of a continental sunrise bush breakfast, which is prepared and served by experienced chefs from Paraa Safari Lodge. What more could you ask for than enjoying your breakfast in the wild and in the company of your friends or family!

Visitors in the hot air balloons at Murchison falls national park in Uganda are flown as high as 10,000 feet in the air.  The pilot then descends to about 330 meters which enables visitors have a panoramic view of the entire park. While in the air, one is able to see amazing wildlife in the park like elephants, giraffes, zebras, birds and so many more.

The hot air balloon can only take a maximum of eight people excluding children below the age of 6 years. This is because the height at which the hot air balloons are flown can leave the youngsters a bit light headed and uneasy.

The sunrise hot air balloon safari tour in Murchison falls national park is more fascinating as visitors arrive at the site earlier when the balloons are being filled with air and then off to the sky they take off spending a full hour  in space at a height equivalent to the tree height . Sunrise hot air ballooning starts at 5:00am in the morning and goes up to 9:30 am. This period include transportation to the starting point, experience the balloons as they are being prepared as in pumping in air, take  off to the sky where a lot is viewed from above including the sunrise, wildlife among others, return to the ground after an a hour of a fascinating adventure,  enjoy a bush breakfast  and a bottle of Champaign after landing amidst wild mammals then receive a certificate and meet with your driver to enjoy the morning game drive where you will sight more wildlife including the one seen during the hot air balloon.

For those interested in the sunset/evening hot air balloon safari in Murchison falls national park, it starts at 4:00pm and winds up at 6:30pm. The highlight of this evening trip is that it allows visitors to take in the beautiful scenery of the sun as it sets down over the horizons. Visitors can also view wildlife in the park as they retire to their dens at the end of the day. In addition to this, you will also get to see nocturnal animals such as lions, bush babies, civets among others, as they begin their hunt for prey. However, the evening ballooning doesn’t come with any privilege like the sunrise ballooning which comes with Champaign and a bush breakfast. Once the sunset ballooning is done, travelers can proceed with a night game drive around the park or return to their respective lodges for dinner and an overnight stay.

The fee that visitors pay for the hot air balloon safari tours in Murchison falls national park, covers expenses such as; the pilot fee, flight insurance, as well as third party insurance.

The best time for visitors to do the hot air balloon safari tour in Uganda’s Murchison falls national park is during the dry seasons in the park, and that is between December- February and from June- September. It is during these months that the park experiences its dry seasons. Visitors can easily view wildlife animals during this time, since the animals spend a lot to time gathered around water pools in the national park.

Visitors can as well spice up their safari experience by combine the hot air balloon safari tour with our activities in Murchison falls national park like; a guided game drive, boat cruise on the Albert Nile, sport fishing, birding, a hike to the top of the falls, guided nature walk and community cultural visit to mention but a few.

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the northern region of Uganda in Masindi district. The national park is located about 279 kilometers from Kampala city, which is about a 4½ hours’ drive. There is so much for visitors to do and see in this national park and hot air balloon safari tour is one of the best ways to explore Murchison falls national park in Uganda.

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