Visit Coffee and Tea Farms in Rwanda: Tourists travel to Rwanda to find some of the finest coffee that can only be found in the country of a thousand hills, and while on this trip, you will see the entire process of organic, natural brew from crop to cup.

Take a journey back in time to learn and taste coffee that you harvested, washed, roasted, and ground yourself. The adventure begins with a drive from Muhanga (Gitarama) town to a rural village, where you will be greeted by the cooperative’s ladies. Then it’s off to the coffee plantation to pluck some of the cherries.

The cherries must be cleaned before the pulp can be extracted, so it’s down into the valley to gather the water. You’ll eat a modest local supper with your host family at midday, with plenty of time to converse and learn about each other’s lives. The beans are then roasted, ground, and sieved before being made into the ideal cup of Rwandan coffee.

For coffee and tea tour enthusiasts, you may pay a visit to this massive tea plantation, which is possibly one of the nicest things that will happen to you in a long time. You enter inside this tea estate to experience the variety of parallel ridges of tea as well as the picturesque mountains that serve as a magnificent backdrop for the plantation.

Tea is Rwanda’s most important export, and the temperate climate and fertile volcanic soil are ideal for cultivating the plants that produce this distinctive and popular drink. The tea leaves may also be seen as they blanket the mountains, creating a spectacular contrast with the blue skies, sunlight, and dirt roads. Visitors may also learn about how this tea is grown, processed, and made to taste sweet. The tea plantation safari is also available in various sites in Rwanda, including Nyungwe National Park, Gisovu, and Gisakura. This is also an excellent family trip, with people of all ages welcome.

Coffee Tours around Lake Kivu in Rwanda.

For a coffee experience, the beaches of Lake Kivu give an opportunity to sample one of the world’s best coffees. Because of the unusual climate and geography, a very high grade coffee with a particular taste may be cultivated. The Arabica beans were produced on some of the most scenic estates in the world, between 1468 and 1600 meters in elevation.

Visit Coffee and Tea Farms in Rwanda
Coffee Tours around Lake Kivu in Rwanda.

On our excursion, we’ll get up up and personal with delicious coffee as Cyimbiri Bay serves as a backdrop, almost as if they don’t want you to miss out on the beauty of the blue water. You meet the farmers, assist on the farm (depending on the time of year, harvest, tend, or sort), tour the production chain procedures, and finish up enjoying the coffee that was traditionally roasted right in front of your eyes, Visit Coffee and Tea Farms in Rwanda.

Have lunch in Gisenyi with officials from the Ingoboka Coffee Cooperative, where you will be able to ask questions about Rwanda’s finest coffee, which delights people from all over the globe while also earning you a lot of USD. This crop to cup coffee experience will be one of the highlights of your Rwanda safari, and you will be able to taste one of Africa’s greatest coffees in the country of a thousand hills, Coffee Tours around Lake Kivu in Rwanda..

Visit Kinunu Washing Station

This station is located on the beaches of Lake Kivu, a vast “inland sea” that runs along Rwanda’s western border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s a magnificent spot, with Bourbon coffee trees growing down steep, rich slopes all the way to the lake’s beach (whose surface elevation is 1460m).

Some labour is done by hand at Kinunu; the cherries are meticulously hand sorted to ensure that only red cherries are allowed. The beans are then pulped the same day, usually always in the evening, using a mechanical pulpier that separates them into three categories. After pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight for approximately 12 hours before being graded again using flotation channels that sort the coffee by weight with the heaviest usually being the best.

The beans are then steeped for another 24 hours before being transferred to elevated screens for manual ‘wet-sorting’ — a procedure virtually often performed by women. Finally, the sorted beans are sun-dried on high screens (‘African beds’) facing the lake and sorted multiple times before grinding,Visit Coffee and Tea Farms in Rwanda.

Visit Huye Mountain Coffee Farm

 Coffee tours to Huye Mountain Coffee farm will enlighten all coffee enthusiasts and visitors who are visiting Rwanda for the first time. The in-depth coffee tour will show how it is cultivated, harvested, dried, roasted, ground, packaged, and ultimately delivered to our customers. This study visit to Huye Coffee washing station, which is located directly on the farms, provides first-hand knowledge of coffee growth and production.

Visit Coffee and Tea Farms in Rwanda
Visit Huye Mountain Coffee Farm

Hiking up the mountain to see the beauty from above is related with the Coffee Tour Experience. Visitors will be able to purchase mementos such as handcrafted items and freshly roasted coffee at the end of each tour.

Huye Mountain Coffee’s aim is to promote coffee cultivation as a cash crop in the region and to organize coffee farmers into profitable and saving organizations, as well as to increase the quality and quantity of coffee crop production via best agronomic techniques.

Visit Gitovu Tea Estate

Gisovu tea estate is located in the Karongi District in Rwanda’s western region, approximately 4 hours drive from the capital city of Kigali. Gisovu is located at an elevation of 7,500 feet above sea level, close to the Nile’s furthest source in the neighboring Nyungwe Forest.

Gisovu offers great growing conditions for producing some of the world’s best teas, which have a global following and are widely valued for their briskness, taste, and remarkable quality, Coffee Tours around Lake Kivu in Rwanda…

Spending time at Gisovu is a wonderful way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere with friends, or simply unwind with a nice book and a drink.

You may also participate in community initiatives and activities such as soccer, contributing to the poor, and supporting the tea estate, to name a few!

Visit Gisakura Tea Estate

The Gisakura Tea Estate, which hugs the undulating hills on the western outskirts of Nyungwe Forest National Park, is one of Rwanda’s most renowned and undoubtedly one of its most beautiful tea farms. Tours and tastings are easily arranged, and while there is presently no lodging on the estate, there are guesthouses nearby. Keep an eye out for the Colobus monkeys that dwell in a pocket of woodland within the plantation.

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