What if a lion jumps on our car? African safaris are a spice of their own, of course they are adventurous, thrilling and exciting the list  goes on. However, some safaris from experience can give you one of those unexpected encounters that leave you in shock, awe, confusion or in a state of numbness, without knowing what to think.

Among the many incidences that tourists encounter a lot one of them is when lions come near the tour car, in rare cases jump on the car.

This can be scary and surreal at the same time. Scary because with all we know about the lions how they are ferocious and being one of the big five; you immediately worry for your life.

Surreal is it hits you that your face to face with the king of the jungle and woah or woah.

But either way, in this article we want to give you tips that will help you deal with is encounter gracefully and in a way that keeps you and the lions safe

What if a lion jumps on our car?

So; What if a lion jumps on our car, what do you do?

  1. Make sure all the doors and car mirrors are locked tight. Especially for a van like car or a 4 wheel drive car. It may be different scenario for an open roofed car. But all in all when you see a lion making it’s way near you, lock up all the doors and windows.
  2. Stop the car; don’t try to drive off or intimidate the lions with the car engine running or even driving off. Just stop the car and wait for it to pass or move. If you do anything that the lion perceives intimidating or an attack to it, things may go very sour quickly. And may end up fatal for you.
  3. Be quiet – at least until the lion moves away: Don’t shout or make any unnecessary noises that we attract the lions even more or may cause the lion to be aggrieveiated and want to make force on the car. Stay calm, be still if you can, stay silent and the lion will get disinterested and walk away
  4. Don’t stare at the lion or make direct eye contact with the lion. The lion will consider that aggression and will move to attack you.
  5. Similar to number 4, don’t make any gestures to the lion. Any gestures will cause aggression to the lion and the lion will end up attacking you.
  6. Listen to your tour guide; The tour guides are trained for situations like these, so listen to him or her as they tell what to do during this crisis. Usually it’s similar to what we have listed above but listen to them and obey their directions.
  7. Finally, find a smart way of calling for help, just in case. As soon as you see the lion approaching you. Your tour guide can starting calling for help as he or she is trained to do. Just in case the situation gets serious help will already be there.

Generally we feel when you follow the steps listed above you will be fine and the lion will walk away from you and you will continue on your safari without anything bothering you.

That said, incidences like these are quite rare so we don’t expect you to have an incident like this; though as the saying goes its good to error on the side of caution than to be sorry. That’s the reason for this article.

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