What Is Sport Fishing : Sport fishing also called Recreational fishing is fishing for leisure, exercise or competition. It’s basically similar to commercial fishing which is regarded as professional fishing for profit or subsistence use; only that in this case the fishers are fishing for fun and leisure.

Sport Fishing is done in all the east African countries but for purposes of this article we shall look at sport fishing in Uganda. Uganda is gifted by several fish sources like Lake Victoria, George, Edward, Albert and Kyoga among other sources. However sport fishing is only done in a few of the listed places as the other places are strictly for commercial purposes.

People who visit Uganda for fishing experience will have not just a delightful experience but a tasteful one too. Uganda has over 350 fish species with the main ones being Tilapia and Nile Perch. The other species of fish in the country are  cat fish Protoperus, Rastrinabola, lung fish, tiger fish etc

Sport fishing has been around in Uganda since the early 90’s and is one of the top activities tourists enjoy at the different safari spots in Uganda.  The activity is done in safari places with fish sources like Lake Victoria, Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, lake Mburo National Park and others. The activity is arranged several days before it take place because you need to get equipment, anglers, fishing gear and a number of things needed for the fishing activity.

The best time for sport fishing is during the dry season because the fish come up to the surface also the rain won’t hit you on the shores as you take part in your activity. The only thing is when its really hot the temperatures can be too hot for you causing sunburns for you; but we think you can deal with sun burns with sunscreens. Also to start energetic and hydrated you will need tom carry water for your fishing experience.

The main sport fishing methods used in Uganda are using a live bait or casting lures. Casting lures is used in catching Nile Perch well as the baits are used to catch the small fish and other species.

What Is Sport Fishing
sport fishing in Uganda

When it comes to fishing rods, for lager fish like the Nile Perch and other larger species like Tilapia or lung fish; fishers always use a 3 meter rod with either a multiplier reel or fixed spool; for the small fish a rod with a line is enough.

Since it’s a fun event, we think these are some of the things you can carry on your sport fishing experience:- a camera to take photos of your expedition, a binocular to spot the water birds, water proof clothing, a rain jacket if you are fishing in the rainy season, warm clothing to keep warm during the cold and of course get yourself a snack and a drink.

Sport fishing is usually done in company with other fishers, so it’s prudent for you to plan your fishing experience with friends. It will be an experience to remember for you.

You should Know that sport fishing is done as a top up activity on other safari activities like game drives, boat rides, nature walks among others

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