What is the difference between mountain gorilla trekking and lion tracking? Woah! This question is one of a kind and this is because, usually mountain gorillas and lions are not grouped in the same categories, so to compare trekking the gorillas’ and tracking the lions is quite odd. However that will not stop us from answering the question at hand.

So the difference between mountain gorilla trekking and lion tracking are here below:

  1. Animals

The animals involved in each activity are different. The gorillas are apes, huge human like creatures living in the forest.  The have distinguished by their pale long face and black hairy body. The adults weigh between 80kg and 200 kgs.  They are social creatures living in families led by a male. They are herbivores.

The lions on the other hand are considered savannah animals known for their fierceness, hence the title king of the jungle. They are distinguished by their mane and roar. They live in prides led by females though the male is still the most feared of all. They are carnivorous.

  1. Habitats

The lions and gorillas live in completely different habitats, as stated above the lions live in savannah, lush green, bushy vegetation where they can prey on other creatures who act as their food.  Lions in Uganda can be found in Queen Elizabeth national park, murchsion falls Natonal Park, kidepo national park and others

The mountain gorillas stay in forested mountains up in the higher altitudes away from other wild creatures. They like to be in their zone alone. The mountain gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi national park and mgahinga national park.

  1. The experience

The mountain gorilla trekking experience is so different from the lion tracking experience. In mountain gorilla trekking you will be up early, have briefing at the park headquarters, then head into the forest where you ascend the mountainous forest for a couple of hours before you get the gorillas. When you get to the gorillas you will spend an hour with them in their presence; in fact 7meters away from them. You will then descend the forest back to the park headquarters for your trekking certificate. This whole experience is a day’s activity. You have to brace yourself for the whole day. If you are so worn-out from the activity you can’t even do anything else.

What is the difference between mountain gorilla trekking and lion tracking?
Lions in Rwanda

The lion tracking experience is done anytime of the day you wish. Just to explain lion tracking is mostly done for tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park. So they are quite few and in a specific area. Which is not the case for the gorillas; the gorillas keep moving the whole time in their humongous habitat. Well for the lion tracking you will pay for the experience and the tracker guided will advise you on the best time to go. When that time reaches you will jump into your safari can with the tracking guide, drive to where the lions are and when you get there the lion trackers will use the tracking device to help locate them on the trees they are on as you watch them in the comfort of your car many meters away from them; sometimes you may be quite close but you can’t get out of the car for an up close moment with the lions; lest you become their meal. This activity will take about 2 to 3 hours or less and then you will drive back to the park offices or continue on with other activities you wanted to do. And you are done.

  1. Booking for the experience

For mountain gorilla trekking you will have to book for the experience at least 2-3 months in advance before you trek well as for the lion tracking you book a day or 12 hours before

  1. Other activities

In the habitat where you trek the gorillas there are other activities you can do like bird watching, nature observation, mountain climbing and others

In the lion’s habitat, the other activities you can do are game drives to see the other animals and bird watching, from the comfort of your car.

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