What makes Rwanda one of the ideal destinations to travel to Post COVID?

What makes Rwanda one of the ideal destinations to travel to Post COVID?: Rwanda, a small landlocked country has stood out of the crowds over time as the ideal destination for travellers. A big number of tourists flock Rwanda every year majorly flying in for the mountain gorilla trekking experience. Rwanda is one of the three African countries that are blessed to be a home to the endangered animal species. The mountain gorillas of Rwanda are found and can be only visited in the Volcanoes national park

What makes Rwanda one of the ideal destinations to travel to Post COVID?

According to ICCN, the mountain gorillas were marked as critically endangered with a few individuals less than 1000 left in the entire world but with the great conservation efforts from the gorilla parks and the sensitization of the communities around the park, this mountain gorilla species is now considered just endangered as numbers have been growing over the years. The revenue collected from tourism activities in Volcanoes national park have been put to a great use and this is evident from the development in the region.

A mountain gorilla trekking permit costs 1,500 USD per trek for a chance to visit these mountain gorillas. Tourism in the region has been successful however like most destinations in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region and the park closed its gates to tourism to protect the mountain gorillas from contracting this deadly virus. Rwanda just like the other countries all around the world have adjusted to living with this virus while ensuring to follow the Standard Operating Procedures to limit the spread and contraction of the virus as we await the vaccine to hit the market. 

Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park and the other national parks of the country reopened its gates to tourists both international and domestic tourists with a well thought out plan for travel into and within the country from one destination within to another. 

Rwanda has always been considered one of the safest tour destinations and the status has been maintained even post COVID. Rwanda being one of the most hygienic countries of Africa makes the SOPs of COVID-19 easier to enforce and follow. This has made Rwanda be considered as a leading travel destination for 2021 by a number of renowned travel blogs and sites. These travel blogs and websites shared a number of things to do while in Rwanda and basing on their experience has shared what to expect and what they experienced. A few of their testimonies are shared in this write up.

According to the Forbes Bucket List Travel, Rwanda made it among the Top 21 Destinations for 2021 majorly because of the diversity of the tourism attractions that the country has to offer. Rwanda tourism has a bit of nature to see the flora and fauna of the region mixing it up with some adventure on the canopy walk of the Nyungwe forest and game drives while in Akagera and a topping of culture at most of the destinations you visit while in the country. The blog advises the travellers who have a strong desire to get away and travel for an adventure full experience to check this one out. The strong emphasis is on the mountain gorilla trekking activity in the Volcanoes national park as an activity one should not miss out on while booking a Rwanda safari. 

National Geographic another renowned travel website laid out seven reasons as to why Rwanda should be your next travel destination. The blog mentioned the highlights to look forward to while in Rwanda that is fashion where you get a unique tailored outfit in the shortest time possible, the detailed and strong history that this country holds and shares with the visitors interested especially on the visits to the museums and cultural sites and centers all over the country. The wildlife of Rwanda was another highlight of a Rwanda safari right from the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes national park to the chimpanzees and other primates in the Nyungwe forest national park up to the game drives when in the Akagera national park. These national parks can all be visited in a space of 7 days. The adventure points of the canopy walk, paddle boarding and kayaking on Lake Kivu can be amalgamated within your 7 days Rwanda safari. Rwanda has a few of the world’s most luxurious and ecofriendly hotels which is a topping to the entire safari. Be sure to check out the local artists of Rwanda both the musical and the craft artists to enjoy Rwanda’s culture through music and art. 

The Points Guy also mentioned and chose Rwanda as a favourite destination because of 5 reasons and the first one being the fact that Rwanda is a beautiful and clean country being a non-plastic country came as an impressive shock. He outlined how Rwanda is a much safer destination of the other countries with the mountain gorillas as the park has not had any past incidents of unrest. The hotels and lodges were also a key point as he appreciated the standards and the service offered by the hoteliers. The Points guy concluded with the hospitality of the people of Rwanda.

Fathom another blog noted the birth of a new luxury hotel; One and Only Gorilla’s nest of Volcanoes national park whose set up has been eco conscious and modest in the most possible way with 21 rooms built in the middle of the eucalyptus trees and the bushes. The highlight is the sustainable and futuristic way of managing the tourism in the region. 

Forbes Advisor also appreciated Rwanda for being one of the destinations with simple COVID-19 testing and well-coordinated. Rwanda requires all international travellers to undergo a 24 hour quarantine as they await their test results done on arrival into the country and this has been successful and easily executed since the reopening of international travel into the country in August 2020. 

elitetraveller mentioned the Bisate lodge for its outstanding luxurious nature and eco friendliness making the list of the most Luxurious Eco- friendly hotels of the elitetraveller. Bisate lodge is set up in the Volcanoes national park Rwanda. Bisate has over the years hosted the clients looking for the most luxurious stay in Rwanda while on their mountain gorilla trek.

The Lonely Planet nominated Rwanda as the Best in Travel 2021 majorly basing on the conservation efforts of Rwanda in the line of tourism. The site also mentioned the boundless African nature that Rwanda has to offer on the safari.

Country and Town House website mentioned Rwanda in the Travel Experts Predictions for 2021 Trends. The travel trend is predicted to be much slower after this pandemic but the African team agreed on Rwanda being one of the those destinations to look out for as it offers more than just the mountain gorilla trek but the chimpanzee treks and wildlife encounters in the Akagera national park. 

Style cartel also featured Rwanda lining out why Rwanda should be on any travellers bucket list for 2021. One and Only Gorilla nest, the new luxury and ecofriendly lodge stood out as a pull factor for travel to Rwanda. Make sure to book yourself a stay at this lodge when in Volcanoes national park for your mountain gorilla trek. The Singita Kwitonda lodge also stood out among the stunning yet sustainable places to stay along with the vast culture to explore.

These testimonies from the big travel sites should be able to give you assurance in opting to travel to Rwanda this 2021. We are excitedly waiting to hear from you and guide you your safari planning to Rwanda. We offer all budget, midrange, luxury and top luxury safaris to Rwanda and our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are always available to attend to your requests. (What makes Rwanda one of the ideal destinations to travel to Post COVID?)

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