What you should not do while trekking gorillas

What you should not do while trekking gorillas : Gorilla trekking is one of the most sought safari activities in Africa and there are only three countries that provide tourists with this thrilling experience in the world gorilla trekking can be done at Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga national park in Congo, Mount Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda.

What you should not do while trekking gorillas

Gorillas live in the Virunga massif conservation area shared by three countries and then Bwindi forest in Uganda, this great apes are mans closest relatives with 98% DNA for humans but they were almost getting extinctions in the 19th century but thank God for the conservation efforts.

While trekking mountain gorillas there are some of the things you should not do while with the gorillas this can be seen below:

Flash photography will not be permitted while trekking mountain gorillas, this is because gorillas don’t Like flash lights unlike golden monkeys who love flash cameras.

A five meter distance must be kept when in the presence of gorillas, this will make them feel relaxed and also help in no infecting them with human diseases as their vulnerable to diseases like flu.

Tourists must keep a close distance to each other while with the gorillas; being scattered will not be allowed.

You will be allowed to ask your guides questions but the voices must be kept low at all times.

You will not be allowed to touch gorillas, this are wild no domestic animals.

The maximum time and the usual time for tourists to observe gorillas is strictly one hour though the visit can be ended early if the gorillas become nervous.

Do not drink or eat while with mountain gorillas this is because the food droppings left after can increase the risks of transmitting diseases to the gorillas.

After the visit, tourists must keep their voices low until there about 200 meters away from the mountain gorillas.

In case gorillas charge do not take a picture or try to run a way this will worsen the situation and also leave the gorillas to pass by.

When the gorillas charge you must follow the guides instructions for example crouching down slowly this will help them cool down.

Do not look directly into the gorillas eyes.

Do not cough or sneeze in the direction of gorillas, if you feel the urge kindly turn away and cover your mouth his will reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

In case you’re feeling ill or you have a contagious disease you can stay behind and visit another group when you’re well or get your money refunded. Gorilla permits cost $600 in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda and only $400 in Congo.

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