Why Visit Lake Mburo

Why Visit Lake Mburo: Lake Mburo national park is the smallest Savannah national park in Uganda covering an area of about 370 kilometers squared; the park is characterized with rolling hills, riverine forests, savannah grasslands, woodland, lakes and swamps.

Why Visit Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo National Park boasts with 5 lakes within the park out of the 13 lakes in the area and Lake Mburo in which the park is named after is the largest of them all.


However small lake Mburo is it harbors various wildlife that can be seen on a game drive some of the wildlife at lake Mburo include; lions, leopards, buffalos, giraffes, Ugandan Kobs, Impalas, hippopotamus, crocodiles, deffasa waterbuck, bush buck, warthog, Topi, Oribis and duikers to mention a few.

Why Visit Lake Mburo

Boat cruise

The boat cruises in Lake Mburo national park take place at the majestic lake Mburo and last for about 2 hours, tourists will be able to spot crocodiles and hippopotamus just a few meters from their boats and there are various animals streaming at the lakes shores not forgetting the water birds filled in the air.

Bird watching

Lake Mburo national park boasts with about 300 species of birds, bird lovers can spot species such as papyrus gonolek, blue headed coucal, white winged papyrus yellow warbler, African fin foot and many more.


Uganda is one of the 13 countries crossed by the equator which is an imaginary line dividing the earth. Tourists can visit the equator on the way to lake Mburo and be able to stand in the middle of the world. There are also crafts sold at the shops and restaurant you can buy as souvenirs to take home for remembrance.

Mountain biking

One of the ways to explore the unique lake Mburo national park is by going on a mountain bike ride through the jungles and Savannah grasslands you will spot a lot of antelope species on the way plus rewards of panoramic views.

Horse riding

Lake Mburo national is the only national park In Uganda where tourists can encounter wildlife on a horse back unlike in your safari car, you can intermingle with zebras and antelopes in the wild and not be worried because its safe, the cost of horse riding depends on the time taken and night horse riding safaris are also organized late evening and you have dinner in the bush.

The best time to visit Lake Mburo national park is in June to September and December to February when the vegetation is short making it easy to view a lot of wildlife. While at Lake Mburo national park tourists can sleep in Mihingo lodge, Mburo safari lodge, Rwakobo rock lodge, eagles nest lodge. Lake Mburo national park can be accessed within 5-6 hours drive from Kampala.

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